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Ron Paul Newletters Link to full articles for debunking purposes.


Flood the comment sections on MSM sites with intelligent reasoning on this. It's a delicate one for the sheep out there.

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a supporter's protest does not substitute for an individual's political responsibility: RP otherwise must

1) privately identify the ghost-writer of the newsletters and dissociate with them until a public apology is made

2) publicly denounce the ideology of bigotry [ex. refusing donations from openly stated hate-groups]

3) philosophically defend the innocent (ex. someone saying "I will injure you because you are black/gay/woman/Muslim etc") through forceful Constitutional policing (ex. 15th Amendment)

to permanently dissolve the issue and clear the character of his popular reputation

We can't excuse the

We can't excuse the mainstreams attempts at misrepresenting the data either. The popular method is to quote without regard to the context of the article.

I do agree that Ron Paul has the singular ability clarify this misrepresentation.

I also understand that in his attempts to clarify, his clarification can be misrepresented as well.

I argue that the past is the past and the only real clarification is for those concerned to actually read the article in question in full, and than they are free to judge all they want.

I do agree

with a number of your points, while the nature of the most recently publicized article
disturbingly alludes to more direct responsibility.

In any case, I do hope the Campaign settles the matter soon

No evidence against RP

Looked through accusation, their are no book marked Newsletters. I see no issues. What issue(s)? Looks like another false flag Op. Won't work.

Here is a troll people...! 30

Here is a troll people...!

30 mins old...!

They are scared, thats why

They are scared, thats why the keep posting these inflamatory articles.