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BREAKING: Twitter Trail Confirms "China Jon" Video as "False Flag", Points to Huntsman Campaign


TWO new reports have been published on The End Run regarding the "China Jon" video:

BREAKING: Twitter Trail Confirms “China Jon” Video as “False Flag”, Points To Huntsman Campaign


The "China Jon" Fraud Deconstructed

The Paul campaign is suing the makers of this video. They just got some serious help.

"As documented and demonstrated beyond any doubt in these two reports, the "Jon Huntsman’s Values" video (aka the "China Jon’" video) was a "false flag"-style dirty trick designed to sabotage the Ron Paul campaign and defame the candidate and his supporters -- a goal which was accomplished with considerable success. Furthermore, all roads lead to the Huntsman camp, and especially Huntsman’s "viral video"-producing, social-media-utilizing, Establishment-media-darling daughters, or the "Jon2012Girls", as they are known on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter."

Note that it also says, "To webmasters and bloggers: please do not re-publish this particular piece in its entirety on your sites. Instead, please excerpt a small section (preferably the intro) and link here (The End Run), so that the author may retain control and continue to perfect the text after initial publication. Thank you for your interest and support, and may the truth prevail."

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If it was his daughters

then it probably wasn't the official campaign. I never thought it was because it would have been too damned stupid and they'd have seen that it could come back to bite them hard. The daughters probably wouldn't think about the blow back.

My guess: the daughters couldn't contain themselves and had to spill the beans because they were SO CLEVER. Jon Huntsman saw at once the way this could blow up in their face and avoiding a scene over it was one of his rationales for ending his campaign. I imagine him having a rather stern conversation with his daughters about how serious their error in judgement was.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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I agree, but where is the press to simply ask the girls if they knew anything about the video prior to it being posted on YB? My guess is they are good kids that, like you said, got caught up in the campaign and would admit to the truth (if they did have a part in it). Not much of a black eye on Huntsman but would point out to people how easily their opinions are manipulated by the MSM and just as important how easily the MSM can be manipulated. Maybe it would give people cause to reconsider how easily they wrote off RP because of the media bashing him on the newsletters. Also, has anyone ever seen an interview of James Powell after it was discovered he wrote at least one of the newsletters in question? It seems to me this is just the MSM not wanting to expose itself for substandard journalism.

Remember though...

That Huntsman himself personally displayed foreknowledge this video AND the way it would be used by his daughters to attack Ron Paul. From the 2nd article...

"Huntsman was asked about the tweet by CNN’s Piers Morgan the following day, January 4. He said that he "actually found it to be pretty humorous", and that "you’ve got to have a little bit of levity and humor in this business or you’d go crazy". Huntsman then asked Morgan to "tell Dr. Paul that I owe him a tweet in return, and he should be - he should be expecting one sometime soon." Morgan suggested that he “get the dirty work done by someone else," adding, "maybe your daughters can unleash themselves on Twitter on him". With a grin, Huntsman replied: "They’ve got plenty — they’ve got plenty up their sleeves, Piers. And you might be surprised on what they release in the next few days". Morgan said he had been "hearing noises of more stuff coming" and couldn’t wait."

An then this happened less than 24 hours later...

...the infamously anti-Ron Paul WONKETTE.COM was one of the first websites to write a hit piece against Ron Paul’s supporters based around the "China Jon" video, if not THE first. The title was "Paultards Hate Huntsman for Knowing Chinese, Adopting Foreigners", and an embedded version of the video appeared prominently at the beginning of the article. The author, Liz Colville, accused "The New Hampshire contingent of Paultards" of "stooping to core-of-the-earth lows". According to the article’s timestamp, it was posted at 2:15PM.

From their @Jon2012Girls account, Huntsman’s daughters promptly sent a link to this article ("Paultards Hate Huntsman for Knowing Chinese, Adopting Foreigners") to their 20,000+ Twitter followers, prefaced with a message directed at the Paul campaign: "@RonPaul this crosses the line and should be condemned. Hurtful, spiteful, and un-American."

Also read the "Jon's 'Lucky' Pick" section of the 2nd article. At the end of his televised Q&A session the following morning, Huntsman just so happened to pick a woman out of a large crowd who just so happened to ask him about the video in the perfect softball way. Huntsman then referred to the video as "the Ron Paul video" and "slammed it", thereby sparking a huge media storm.

Thanks for the education about this.

I am led to conclude that Jon Huntsman really IS that stupid. He would risk the possible success of his campaign on a sneaky false flag trick by his girls in attempt to wrest second place away from Paul in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

For once, IT IS THE PRINCIPLE of the thing

I don't think I am alone when I say, No, it's not enough that Huntsman is out. We, the supporters of liberty and Ron Paul, have been belittled and marginalized for months without ANY public apology.

I want this lawsuit to reveal the IP addresses of the perpetrators, and I want it PUBLIC.

Frying fish

I and others found those tweets right after the video came out. It was obvious that the thing was a dirty trick, but there still is no conclusive evidence linking the daughters to it. To get to the bottom of it, for starters twitter or Youtube would have to release the IP addresse(s) of the instigator.

I say it's ancient history. Huntsman is out. We have bigger fish to fry.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

I (respectfully) disagree, and so does the campaign

They are pursuing a lawsuit over it, which is being discussed in the media and on the internet. This information can likely help in court, and definitely in "the court of public opinion".

I will join you in disagreeing with Jive.

Wish I could be as gracious and respectful as you are, but this is not just something to sweep under the rug. This is slander, and fraud, and we have a moral responsibility to reveal it.

Oh I SO hope this makes the main stream!

How totally childish and humiliating for the Huntsman camp!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!


That was exhaustive.

One thing they might mention is that the video, AFTER slandering Paul supporters with it, was then re-created for every other candidate. So that same video is out there with a different ending saying - support Romney, Santorum, Paul and I want to say there's one that actually says SUPPORT HUNTSMAN. Yeah - the same video - saying support huntsman.

But I think that was just a ruse, once they realized their trail had been figured out.

So the lawsuit was filed 10

So the lawsuit was filed 10 days ago. I wonder why we're only hearing about this now?

that's Pullitzer stuff.

that's Pullitzer stuff. WashPo watch and learn.

This space available


I hope they find out who was responsible

I sure hope that

The Law suit is purSUED.

Quote from the second article about how the "fire" got started..

So, beginning at 11:14am that morning (Jan 5), several more tweets were sent out by “NHLiberty4Paul” with a link to the video. However, this time the tweets were sent to specific individuals (or “@” specific individuals, in Twitter-speak). Analysis of who was on this “shortlist” to receive the “China Jon” video is extremely revealing. In short, it was primarily outspoken and influential bloggers, journalists, and pundits with a history one or more of the following:

1) Praising Jon Huntsman
2) Promoting previous Jon Huntsman attack videos (especially against Paul)
3) Promoting Jon2012Girls
4) Expressing a strong dislike or hatred for Ron Paul
5) Promoting previous attacks and smears on Ron Paul (especially the “racist newsletters” one that the Huntsman had “piled on” with the previous week)

This time around, “NHLiberty4Paul’s” tweets were more than sufficient as “kindling”, and the fire of the false flag was quickly ignited

Hmmm...ya don't say.

Hmmm...ya don't say.