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Detroit Democrats told to vote for Ron Paul in GOP primary

They wore Obama T-shirts and draped a banner calling for the re-election of President Barack Obama.

But a couple hundred Detroit Democrats got a bit of a conflicting message Thursday evening at Triumph Baptist Church in Detroit.

At a rally for Obama's re-election, they were told to vote for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul for president at the Feb. 28 presidential primary.

By voting for Paul, a Republican, they hope to derail Mitt Romney's primary performance in his native state and force Paul to stay in the race and run as an independent.

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That kind of thing is unreliable.

Democrats want chaos in the GOP primary.
Unless Ron WINS a state or two before Michigan, democrats will vote for whoever the second place candidate seems to be at the time of the primary.

If Ron is a distant third, democrats will NOT turn out to vote for him.

Even our enemies are helping out!

"It was a strategy used by Democrats in 2000 when John McCain beat George W. Bush in that year's presidential primary and by Republicans in 1998 when they helped give attorney Geoffrey Fieger the Democratic gubernatorial nomination."

No skin off our back

By all means vote for the good Dr.

More votes for Ron Paul!

More votes for Ron Paul!