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Federal Reserve Centennial Celebration Dec 2013

Don't miss the celebration of ending the FED on it's 100th anniversary!

Newt wants to do a "moon base".

We are going to abolish debt slavery and tax bondage in America by eradicating the FED/IRS Complex.

Ron Paul's inauguration is January 2013. We end the FED by December 2013.

I believe Ron Paul would destabilize the FED by sticking it with the $1 trillion the U.S. owes it.

That would make a huge dent in it's seeming fortress of power.

Then the people would feel confident in backing him against the Congress to strip it of it's power.

Some fun FED learning tools.


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Just happen to see this article Printing Money....Yahoo

No, the Fed Does NOT ‘Print Money’: Just Explain It


Yahoo! Poll......Are you as pessimistic as the Fed?

Good resource

However, your title is a bit misleading. The article itself says the act was later amended to make the Fed permanent (unfortunately). I WISH it was going to simply expire and die off.

No. I meant WE are going to


I meant WE are going to get RP elected and "expire" the FED/IRS Complex.