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NBC News WSJ Poll 1/27/12


And, if the next election for president were held today, and Mitt Romney were the Republican candidate, Barack Obama were the Democratic candidate, and Ron Paul were the Independent candidate for whom would you vote? ALL OTHER CANDIDATES WERE MATCHED HEAD TO HEAD WITH OBAMA IN THIS POLL AND WHEN IT CAME TO RON PAUL THEY MADE HIM AN INDEPENDENT COMPETING WITH ROMNEY TO SHOW HOW HE MATCHES UP AGAINST OBAMA ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! BOYCOTT NBC AND WSJ AT ALL COSTS!

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They never ask Ron Paul vs Obama

They ask:

Romney v Obama

Newt v Obama

Santorum v Obama

Romney v Obama v Paul (3rd party)

I smell a rat!

This is a trap. If Ron Paul supporters vote for Ron Paul as an Independent candidate,
WSJ will put a spin on the results. NBC will report that Ron Paul's supporters are urging him to run as an independent. The purpose of this poll is to attack Dr. Paul's credibility and to discredit his bid for the GOP nomination. They will lay more traps between now and November. Beware!

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

He is polling at 18%. They

He is polling at 18%. They would have to allow him into the debates based on their own rules of having a candidate meet the 15% requirement. That means the number will grow and will likely pull from Obama.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

sure why not

It only shows how the GOP is DOA if Ron is not nominated.


No road to the White House without us and did you notice last night how many times other candidates agreed with Ron Paul. You think they are trying to appease us? LOL You betcha! TO bad our loyalty is with Ron Paul regardless the nomination! Oh well 4 more years of Obama until Rand Paul 2016!