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Crossing the Chasm

A sales approach to winning the Campaign for Liberty. Vote up if you're ready.

All businesses grow and need to find ways to reinvent themselves. Product selling is usually a part of the first stage where brand evangelists are born. The early adopters become the raving fans of the products they have experienced and have grown accustomed to loving. It is believed that this growth can only go so far and that it has a natural ceiling. A lull in new sales is experienced because of a transitional period in which the early adopters are mostly used up... This leaves us with what to do next.

How do we turn these raving fans into the brand ambassadors and leaders that will convert new sales for us in the future? The answer is solutions based selling.. We have all been yelling, sign waving, and buying into the products that the Paul campaign have put out: however, the time for doing only that is over. Did Dr. Paul win us over by shouting Ron Paul, Mises, or Rothbard? Of course not! If we feel we must yell when sign waving then yell for what you really want Liberty, Freedom, and Justice in all aspects of our lives and not just the aspects that are Politically Correct at this moment. We are the only group in this thing offering solutions because we are the problem solvers not the bureaucrats, brainwashed and unlearned.

It is time for a solution/needs based selling approach. Solution selling at its finest is based upon asking leading questions that bring the prospect to the conclusions and in the end realizing for themselves that they have the NEED for something in their life. We must realize as Paul has stated countless times that this Revolution is ours and not his. He is but one man and as long as we continue to push product instead of searching for the need, we will not grow and people will be turned off of our brand in the process. Income Tax is a big issue and most people hate the IRS, tax season and the like... There are many other examples. (hint: make some of your own and share it here). We are a team aren't we?

Here is an example.

Ex: Wouldn't be nice if we didn't have to file taxes and keep up with all this paper work all year?
Answer: Of course but that could never happen. No politician would support that.
Ex: if there was such a candidate for President that would support it, would you support them?
Answer: yeah, but he couldn't win.
Ex: what if he could win and is running right now?
Answer: then yeah, I would consider it.

This what is known in the sales world as overcoming objections. Are we framing the questions we want. Are we convincing in our daily debates with friends, family, and acquaintances. Paul is fighting his battle the only way he can but, need to fight our own. I have noticed much criticism of his debating techniques etc. but, I don't see us on that stage in front of hundreds of hostiles and Cerberus (the 3 headed dog usually standing next to Paul at the debates).

Notice that there was no confrontation and the end result was win-win. Notice we are closing them the whole way to the ballot box. The Chasm is a part of growing it is good we are here now because once it is crossed we will be set for exponential growth and as we have seen once someone gets an iPhone they don't stop. Mac people will get the reference... Who is ready?!

This is a Campaign for Liberty... Not for President. If he becomes President it will be a direct result of our efforts and not his and will allow us to implement the things we believe will turn our lives around. Yours, mine and your neighbors.

Also, stop saying this country... It collectivizes the needs we have and is not personal enough to evoke emotion.
Ex. This country needs to do something.
Answer: You/I need to do something!
Ex: What if we could make a difference in this country? Sounds contrived, no?
Ex: What if we could make a difference in your life? Personal, yes?

We need to tune everyone into the radio station they most love. WIIFM. The What's In It For Me station. Changing an entire country is too great a task to imagine, most dont think big enough but changing a persons life is much more within everyone's reach mentally.

It's time to take ownership individually. Become a delegate and lead your county to victory and remember to stay positive since we are already winning. Even if this becomes a war of attrition.

Now get out there and start selling!

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