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Palestinian-American man's question at the debate in Jacksonville

Am I the only one or did other people think that the low point of last night's debate was the way the Palestinian-American man's question was treated by Romney?

Ron Paul was not given a chance to answer that question. I wonder how he would have answered that man. Any ideas?

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i never realized Mitt Romney was such a bigot

His one sided response was disgraceful.

Evidently Mitt Romney is ok with Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing... because plain and simple that is what is happening to the Palestinian people.

Newt called for the Palestinians to give up their right of return. WOW!!! If that became official policy all hell would break loose in the middle east.

I'm glad that Ron Paul did

I'm glad that Ron Paul did not answer that question by the Palestinian guy.

From the way the crowd cheered after Romney answered, it was clear that any answer that favors the Palestinian people or the Jews would be booed and the audience would not listen to such an answer.

What answer did that Palestinian guy expect from people who love Israel as much as santorum, Romney and Gingrich. It was stated clearly by Romney, that the Palestinian people are the problem and do not deserve any mercy or peaceful negotiations.

The way Jewish and Christian

The way Jewish and Christian Zionists talk about the Palestinians is disgusting. Rick Perry was the worst, and Newt second worst. But Romney really kissed Israel's ass last night. The truth is so opposite from what the Zionists claim that it leaves me aghast whenever I hear such ignorance coming out of their bigoted mouths. These are the real "anti Semites". Never forget that Palestinians are Semites. If I had been that guy, I would have challenged Romney. Romeny and Gingrich have flat out lied about the true reason there is no peace in Palestine.

It was so transparent that

It was so transparent that all those questions were written and memorized for those people. It really is a shame that the only one with a difference of opinion didn't get to answer that one. That's the whole point of these debates, not blow each other and agree all night but to show contrast of opinions but the Dems/GOP no longer wants differences, just one choice and you're stuck with it.

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I agree....

the questions that Newt, Rick, and Mitt got were gifted to them ahead of time. Ron's questions were not.

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