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I received the following email from Mani:

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I just typed this up and sent it to Ron Paul's comments on Myspace, but I think it's too long. I'll paste it here because I do want this message to get out to anyone who thinks twice about spamming or behaving rudely. I think it's important, but I'm not sure where to post it. We need to keep a strong message going, but we have to do it the right way:

Dear Ron Paul Supporters,

I'm a huge Ron Paul fan. I'm registering as a Republican for the first time in my life, just so I can vote for him in the primary, which is required in the state of Florida. I've met Ron Paul, I've heard his message, and I strongly believe in what he has to say. I truly believe he is what our country needs.

I've donated, voted, subscribed, emailed, and I'm heading to the first meetup next week.

However, there is a small trend I'm starting to see and I find it worrisome.

The media calls Ron Paul supporters a bunch of online spammers, and I know that is not the case. But lately I've seen a few message boards and blogs with some rude, and obnoxious posts coming from supposed Ron Paul fans.

If I can caution you on one thing, PLEASE DON'T BECOME the label the media is trying to pin on us. Don't become the annoying spammer that's just a nuisance rather than anything else. The Ron Paul campaign is just getting started, it's starting to build momentum, don't turn it into something cheap and annoying. Don't let the media BE RIGHT. Don't offend people, because then they'll agree with the media's label.

If you have a problem with an article, or what someone says on TV, of course send them an email, phone call, write them a letter, BUT BE ARTICULATE, HAVE SOMETHING INTELLIGENT TO SAY. BE POLITE and EXPLAIN your CONCERN.

The absolute WORST thing you could do for Ron Paul is to behave rudely, poorly, or be obnoxious. Don't become a TROLL on a message board. A troll is the lowest form of existence on the internet, there is nothing lower, despised by all (just Wikipedia internet troll). DO NOT SPAM. If you vote for a poll, vote once, if you disagree with an author, send one email. When just 10% of us send one real email, those numbers DO COUNT, they DO MATTER and they do make an impression, BUT ONLY when they are real and polite.

I've written many different emails regarding different topics to different people. Sometimes praising a journalist for going against the media machine and writing some truth's about Ron Paul's message, and I've written some emails regarding my concern about an author's writing or the TV person's commentary, or other issue I've had. These are important and positive things to do, but only if they are done the right way. Name calling only shows the weakness of your argument, makes you look foolish, and has the effect of people tuning you out.

Since few people know of Ron Paul, many could be making their first impression of him based on how we act. If we are a bunch of spamming trolls, what kind of impression is that? People will never bother to hear the message when they are turned off by a bunch of spam. Yet the message is SO IMPORTANT, we cannot fail in making sure the message gets across.

Right now I think it's a small minority that either has good intentions but is going about it the wrong way, or just a few bad apples.

Posting, "RON PAUL! RON PAUL!" all over the internet is not going to get it done, but rather, posting about the message, the ideas Ron Paul has, and the issues facing our country; that's going to take us so much further than anything else. Think of yourself as an ambassador of the Ron Paul campaign, speak intelligently, be kind, and respectful, and the people will listen, the message will be heard, and we will succeed.

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Thank you, Mani. I couldn't agree more.

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Drive the Speed Limit

I'm no ad guy or slogan guru as some of you here appear to be very cleaver. It has occured to me that one thing Ron Paul supporters, like me, could do to show support, is drive the speed limit. Give folks time to read the bumper stickers. My car's manufacturer claims I will get 24 MPG, but driving the speed limit, I'm getting a whopping 30 mpg! Why fuel the war? Drive the speed limit for Ron Paul 08!!!

Follow Ron's Example!

M. Raborn
None of us have been criticized or ridiculed publicly as much as Congressman Paul has...and not just the last few months, but for all his years of public service. Yet he has never stooped to the level of making a negative response. Sometimes, he might shame someone (as giving Rudy a reading assignment, but while it was the truth, there was a bit of humor also.) Congressman Paul's responses are always intended to instruct and inform, never to belittle. If we just follow his example, we will always be courteous and articulate and will be an asset to his campaing. To do anything less, will only aid his opposition. Thanks for the reminder and admonition.

M. Raborn

As Ron Paul Said...

I totally agree... We should be an example to others. I'm sure Dr. Paul would expect his supporters who believe in his message to do the same. Even in the face of adversity. Especially in the face of adversity.

Excellent words. Thanks.

Excellent words. Thanks.

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Be respectable supporters!

Excellent comments!
Jim Clark
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