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Ron Paul 2012: Candidate Declared 'Mr. Authentic' by Canadian Newspaper


Ron Paul was declared "Mr. Authentic" by Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper on Friday.

Though the paper went on to describe the Republican Congressman as "a super-long shot to win the GOP nomination to take on Barack Obama," it noted that "every time he takes the stage during TV debates he expresses a candour and authenticity that endears him to audiences."

That may be putting it lightly, as Ron Paul's 2012 candidacy has what is likely the most engaged following of any of the race's remaining candidates, though it has been difficult for him to turn that passion into caucus and primary votes thus far.

The Globe & Mail chose a number of lines as its favorites from the Thursday GOP debate in Florida, particularly his dismissal of Newt Gingrich's plans for travelling to the moon, noting his following wisecrack: "We should send some politicians to the moon."

Paul, who practiced for many years as a medical doctor, also pleased the Canadian newspaper by saying that he would "obviously" release his medical records in order to assuage the fears of voters who about the fact that he would be the oldest person elected president in U.S. history if he were elected. Ron Paul will turn 77 on Aug. 20.