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Video: Ron Paul Responds to Jack Welch In John King Interview

An energized Ron Paul hit back at former GE CEO Jack Welch tonight on CNN: “Maybe tonight he’s going to have to discuss it with his sons why he wants me to get out of the race!”


Full interview here: Ron Paul To CNN's John King: "I don't know how long you want to beat a dead horse!"

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Just watched their interview which was like an Onion News piece. "So if we can't treat Ron Paul as a fringe candidate..."

The way they talk about firing people was hilarious. These people are insane. Everything was very clinical and strategical.

If my parents went on TV and said Ron was a little "kooky" and "quirky" I would ridicule and make fun of their blinded by propaganda mentality every chance I got.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Glad to hear Paul was on top of that!!

Man I would have not been happy if he didn't know that Welch had said something about that earlier... lol

Jack Welsh: "sons, preserve your place in the new world order"

video recording of conversation of Jack Welsh with sons on youtube:

The GOP will fire Ron Paul because all men betray. And we will vote for Romney and keep our wealth.

Where is the whole

Where is the whole interview??

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I wanna see it, too..!

I wanna see it, too..!

Even King laughs and agrees with Paul

That's a home run when you can make the neocon talking heads agree with you and laugh with him after yet another attempt to ambush him backfires. Razor sharp wit - WINNING!

RP R3VOLution

Journalists (our relationship to)

John King does honestly try to be an objective journalist. So do many of the journalists we give a hard time about Paul coverage. It's not easy to be objective and do a good job as a journalists - the Walter Conkrite and Edward R. Murrow journalists are one in a million.

I think we should try to take a diplomatic stance with journalists. Call them out on bias, politely and without hyperbole. Use assertions, not accusations, to persuade them that their coverage wasn't fair. MOST journalists (we won't get the Bill O's or Hannity opinion journalists this way) are not trying to be unfair, and kind, polite corrections will do us a lot more favors as far as getting them on our side.

In the end, Abe Lincoln did say one thing which applies very strongly to our movement, "The best way to destroy and enemy is to make them your friend." That's what elections are all about, now let's go out and make some new "friends" who can get behind RP!


Four boys, four runs (Mom giving high fives?). An entrenched, taxpayer financed, government complex CEO has his whole family pushing the other way! Awesome! How many times can Ron Paul turn a hostile interviewer into smiles and concessions? Beyond counting! Ron Paul Tzu-Obi Wan Paulobi-Super President!

only in America

by golly