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A Different Approach

Whenever I hear Ron Paul, or somebody supporting him, mention the fact that he gets more support from active military personnel than all of the other candidates and Obama combined, there is rarely any follow up discussion about this.

For example, at the debates Dr. Paul will state this fact to the moderator in defence of his foreign policy, but nobody ever acknowledges how important this is. The other candidates ignore it.

I think that this fact should be used by Dr. Paul and his campaign in a question.

For example, during the debate he could mention his support of the military (Which is now 5X more contributions than the remaining GOP candidates combined) and then turn to the other candidates and ask why that is. It would be very interesting to hear how they answered this, and I believe it would be a much better way to get Dr. Pauls foreign policy the respect it deserves.

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I like it. I'll add on...

I like it. I'll add on, and say that he needs to include the word "veteran" to the phrase...."active AND veteran military".


Because sadly, every one I've mentioned this to has the same response: "Oh, that's just cause they want to come home. Of course they say that."


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Good Point

What kind of a person would say that. They want to come home because they know that the reasons they are over there are not for a good cause. They are dying for a power hungry country

I love the look on other candidates' faces

when Paul brings up all that troop support.

They sort of smirk, avoid eye contact with Paul, and use their eyes to give that "please move on" look to moderators.

Since moderators seem to give time to others when their name is mentioned. Paul should say, "I get more troop support than Newt, Mitt, and Rick put together. [pointing] I'd like to see how Newt, Mitt, and Rick explain why that is. And it would be fun to see how Newt, Mitt, and Rick explain why US soldiers' desires and opinions on war don't matter."

There you go

That would be the best way to state the fact. I wish he would do this at the next debate

And Can You Hear Wolff Blitzer

Saying..."30 seconds, could you hurry it up Gov Romney"?

They always use that "trick" on the Good Doctor Paul.

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The Problem With Most Interviews

Is that these "journalists" don't ask follow-up questions. They just go through their pre-planned list of topics.

A good journalist would react to the answer and say something such as "So why do you think it is that the military supports you more than the others?"

Instead they just move on.

It's not good journalism.

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You are right.

I wish you were wrong though

That is a good approach

I can see Romney's confused face as he stutters and blunders he ways through an answer.

Newt on the other hand, would probably say, they are payed employees of the government and just want to get out of work. That is why they support Ron Paul's foreign policy.

Santourum would just avoid answer the question and rant and rave about the jihadist that the U.S. army needs to eliminate from the this world ...

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I know, wouldn't it be great.

I know, wouldn't it be great.