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Ron Paul got no delegates in Iowa? Is that correct.

According to this link Dr. Paul only has 3 delegates?
How can that be?


Someone please tell me this is wrong.

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This is the funniest delegate count I've seen yet!

If this were correct, then there would be 16 delegates in Iowa that NO ONE will be given. That's just ridiculous.

In fact, this kind of stuff is extremely misleading. In the first place, anyone giving Iowa delegate counts this early is just using "projections" from organizations like the Associated Press. For example, here's another source with totally different numbers:

No major news source, I think, ever feels it necessary to inform anyone that delegates at the national level won't even be selected until June. ONLY precinct delegates were elected in Iowa; next up is the county conventions, followed by the state convention. So these supposedly awarded are all just "estimates" based on the non-binding straw vote (which is more for media hype than anything). It's actually safe to say that Dr. Paul picked up delegates in every single Iowa precinct, and may have actually WON Iowa in terms of delegates who'll be advancing to the state and national conventions.

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it's incorrect

we dont find out how many delegates will end up at the RNC for Paul until June I think.

What did happen was delegates were elected to go through several caucus phases... district, county, state and then those who come out of the state convention go to the national convention in june in florida I think.

What you see are "projected" delegates... basically a bunch of BS.

I think Paul comes away with more delegates than the others slightly in Iowa but anything you see before june is inaccurate / projections.

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As I understand it

Iowa delegates have not been decided yet.

Here is a reality check on it.


Thank you

I was getting pissed off when the chart showed him awarded no delegates for Iowa and Santarum/Romney with 6 each