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Blackout the MSM on Your Google News Feed

Ever get tired of reading the spin? I use Google News and I got tired of seeing the same crap day after day from the same sources.

So, I decided to do a quick search:

"How can I filter out news from certain outlets on my Google News Feed?"

Well, to my joy, I found that you CAN do this.


I would suggest that instead of reading filth and then coming here and complaining (which then gives them more traffic), you filter out your feed as I have done.

You can add any news source you want by typing it into the filter. It will auto complete most sources for you after a few letters.

Here are my settings:


It's already made a WORLD of difference. Please try it. It will lighten up your day.

Share the joy with others.

Added bonus: you reduce traffic to MSM sites, hitting them where it HURTS.


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Cool. It seems to me that

Cool. It seems to me that CSM is more positive than negative. Am I wrong?

Personal preference

I'm not a fan. They have writers on staff that do fair pieces, but not enough to warrant keeping them around (in my opinion).

Your mileage may vary.

Anyone have some reputable or

Anyone have some reputable or less biased news sources to recommend?


A Great Complement to Your Usual Sources...

The ICYMI RSS Feed...

Really Cool Feed


You have to know that's

You have to know that's right..My days were dark listening to any MSM stuff which is so misguided, to say the least..and they go on and on..

Yeah, and I get sick of seeing the same headlines on Daily Paul

I hope more people filter out the MSM crap instead of reposting it here.


Cool !

Its a MSM filter !