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Ron Paul Shines in Florida; Defends Liberty Against Statist Absurdity

It figures that the one debate of this political cycle I would not subject myself to bloggin and tweeting through in it's entirety would turn out to be what in my humble opinion was Dr. Ron Paul's best debate performance to date. While the media repetetive drumbeats the "Romney vs. Newt: It's a 2 Man Race!!!" meme and goes back into full-on blackout mode when it comes to Ron Paul, his support continues to steadily climb in polls. It's phenomenal to watch this man sit patiently through these debates as media pundits focus on the Newt Romney Show, income tax returns and who's the bigger statist. It must take some true grit to be ignored in lieu of the absurd circus sideshow, only to be asked asked questions about the moon and his age when he does get the chance to speak.

Dr. Paul is often knocked even by his own supporters for his debate style. This is largely because he doesn't think like a politician; he doesn't spin any issues or try to filer his thoughts Romney-style through the Political Poll Prism. This often leads to debate performances that come of as rambling and incoherent at times. Of course, this is also part of Dr. Paul's charm and one of the reasons many of his supporters initally became interested in him. But in last night's GOP debate Paul had a notably different style, seemingly listening to the pleas of his supporters to be loosen up on stage, while at the same time being more aggressive in touting his own record and support, such as his military donations and excellent poll numbers against Obama.

He even got some great laughts out of the audience as well as the other candidates on stage when jokingly warning Wolf Blitzer about his 'age discrimination' and his remarks about sending politicians to the moon. These moments not only help Dr. Paul's image as a "crank", but they also point out some serious flaws in statist thinking. For the love of all that's holy, we are over $16 Trillion in debt with Depression-level unemployment...HOW CAN ANYONE SERIOUSLY THINK GOING TO THE MOON IS A TOP PRIORITY?!?!

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Personally I find

Personally I find Dr. Paul rambling debate style refreshing, but I agree with you. This was his best performance