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Ron Paul on CNN w. John King 1/27/12 Video

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If there are any independent viewers at CNN

surely they found these responses appealing.

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How about a poll? Is King the most disgusting

MSM reporter? I don't know, he has stiff competition.


He handled the newsletter B.S. very very well, and otherwise the interview was good; he hit education (Paul: problem that no one is addressing is WHY education is so expensive, too much government), proposed defense cuts (Paul: need to change our strategy as well, and then have a military sufficient for that role), can you win the nomination (Paul: doing very well, not locked up yet, etc), response to Jack Welch, how is the party treating you (Paul: they're trying to now that it's convenient, Welch's own sons support me), medical records (I can do 25 miles on a bike, but unfortunately I only get to do 12-15 most days).

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Watch the whole video....

Watch the whole video.... it's not just about newsletters which was a very small part..

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