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Snoop Dogg: "I Hoesntly Believe The Government Put Crack In The Ghettos"

I love Snoop man lol, because he's always himself and speaks his mind, Anyway This is Snoop on Double G News Network: GGN Ep. 12 talking on various topics( basically what ever pops in his head probably lmao), anyway let me know what you guy think of Snoop and some of his comments! peace out http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhCH3syS...

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Snoop is right here is proof

Snoop is right here is proof that the CIA created the drug problem. The reporter that broke the story Gary Webb was found dead with two bullets in the head and was ruled a suicide shortly after he continued to push and dig deeper into the story.


snoop needs to spread the

snoop needs to spread the word about ron paul in the hip hop community, matter fact let me get started on that lol

juan maldonado

He's awesome man!

He's awesome man!!! he's just himself, you know

juan maldonado