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Total Internet Blackout ~ Rand Paul

"The one place that has been largely free of government control - the internet - is the statists’ latest target.

Dual bills, SOPA and Protect IP, are set for action in the U.S. House and Senate in the coming weeks.

As I write this, rumors are circulating that SOPA and Protect IP may be scrapped. But as we’ve seen countless times before, including with ObamaCare, the special interests will never stop fighting for more power at the expense of our freedoms. We need to turn the pressure up to make sure these bills are dead for good.

If you value the freedom of information the internet has provided, and, like me, you believe the internet is the best tool for getting our information out and organizing our movement, you must act now.

You know, it seems every day that our freedoms are under assault from Congress and the Obama Administration. More Patriot Act spying. Pushing Real ID. Indefinite detention of American citizens. The list is both staggering and frightening.

It is up to you and me to stand squarely against this Big Government powergrab over the internet.

I’ll do my part here in the Senate. I hope I can count on you....

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul"


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