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Hot Ron Paul Article and Comments on YahooNews, Top of Page, Dive In!

At the top of the search engine home page, zillions of views. Nearly 2,000 comments so far...great pro-Paul showing...KEEP IT GOING!

"While others woo Florida, Ron Paul’s strategy is to rack up delegates in February"

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I did.

But it's hard to read the idiocy of some of the comments being made. The media propaganda has really been effective.

Me too

I"ve been on there, too. It's really tough trying to slog through all the playground name calling, unsupported statements, and some downright disgusting language. One of our supporters was wondering how some of the anti-Paul crowd could say the things they say. She finally said "You people don't stand for anything American anymore." I think that pretty much nailed it.

Update: Just went back there again and it's become absolutely vile. I'm trying to picture these people, and the only thing that comes to mind is Beavis & Butthead. Of course the objective is to get people like me ticked off enough to reply with something emotionally driven and stupid. That's how they get their kicks. I'm not falling for it. If you participate, stay civil.