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Ron Needs to Articulate a Foreign Policy Plan of Strength

We all know that much of the military budget does nothing to help improve national defense. Why not release a more detailed plan for the defense budget that includes scaling back useless bases like Japan and Germany, while simultaneously investing in new technology and equipment like more F22s and submarines ect. There is also much need to update/upgrade older technologies that have past their prime.

Paul could easily cut the defense budget by 40% while at the same time spending more on the things that actually make us stronger.

If he detailed a plan like this it could help.

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i believe ive heard him say we need a stronger or updated navy he should talk about that more ?????


I'm with you. Most of the objections among the rank-and-file are based on a vague sense that Paul either doesn't know much about FP or doesn't care. He should blow their minds with a very intelligent and thorough description of reforms he could make to both reduce the cost of the DoD and adapt it for modern warfare.

And I see you mention submarines! Yes indeed! That's the way of the future for naval warfare. The military is very clannish, and they all lobby for more spending on their own fiefdoms. If Paul came up with specific reforms, which prioritized certain branches over others, he might find himself with strong supporters from within those prioritized branches. For example, if he came out with a plan to reduce spending on surface ships and increase spending on submarines, he'd have the submariners on his side. Likewise, he could get the Navy and the Air Force on his side in general by prioritizing them over the ground forces: which would be in accordance with a non-interventionist foreign policy, where we don't need a large standing army to fight ground wars overseas.

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