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"Ron Paul is Racist" DEBUNKED - Time to Send This Dead Horse to the Glue Factory...

Kudos to both Ben Swann of WXIX-TV in Cincinnati, OH for his excellent reportage, as well as to YouTube content provider "whatzgoodstudios123" for this fine video compilation:


(BTW: Swann breaks new ground by revealing the byline of the writer who wrote some -- and perhaps all -- of the objectionable content in the newsletters. And, to be fair, it isn't Lew Rockwell's.)

Combine this with the following evidence of Ron Paul's stated and written views as well as actual conduct in opposition to racism...


...and this...


...and, most recently, this...


...and it becomes plain that those who are flogging this dead horse should send it to glue factory.

But, of course, its highly unlikely this will happen. What does that tell us?

When so much evidence confounding this story-line is ignored, this reveals a particular brand of bigotry: the cynical appeal to political prejudice masquerading as a fallacious denunciation of racial prejudice.

When this behavior is indulged by supposedly objective "professional" journalists, this reveals them to be media hacks -- indifferent to matters of truth or objectivity whenever this gets in the way of their bias or crass sensation-seeking.

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