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Ron Paul wins FL Middle School Straw Poll!

Interesting! I wish they posted the percentages though!

In Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's dreams, Florida would go the way of Hudson Middle School in Tuesday's vote.

Students casting ballots in the school's mock GOP primary on Friday overwhelmingly backed the Texas congressman after spending weeks studying the candidates' views on the issues and watching debates among the hopefuls.

They liked Paul's anti-war stance, as well as his willingness to talk straight and not attack his opponents to make a point.

"He's just like this down-to-earth dude who just seems like he knows what he's doing," seventh-grader Danielle Heidkamp said.

All day long, social studies teacher Judy Walker had her classes focus on the primary. She showed them clips from Thursday's debate in Jacksonville, then gave them voter ID numbers so they could log in on classroom laptops to vote online.

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I love this story

Ron Paul's brutal honesty makes him cool as Hell. Kids see that even if they don't understand all of the issues.