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POLITICO: Ron Paul heir to Margaret Thatcher?


Another big difference, according to Campbell, is the place of religion in the public discourse. “Thatcher never talked about God,” he said. “She had a moralistic view of economics. She thought things were right and wrong. She believed in private enterprise, but she was quite tolerant on social, sexual matters. She never brought those social issues into her politics at all.”

Thatcher might, however, find one ally in the current Republican field of presidential candidates. “Someone like Ron Paul obviously represents one side of her economic philosophy,” Campbell said.

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Iron Lady

I just saw the movie Iron Lady. It was a nice historical movie of Margaret Thatcher. A lot of the things she said in the movie reminded me of Ron Paul. I believe she had a similar philosophy of small govt.

I don't know where she stands on central banking and all those essential ideas to freedom and liberty, but she was a staunch small govt proponent.