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Ron Paul Skype Conference With The Adults

If Ron Paul can have a skype conference with the adult group. This is what he can ask them, explain to your children why you want or are going to vote for someone who will increase a financial deficit/ tax burden for you, why are not doing your research and vetting the candidates you are voting for, how will they finance this big military spending. They talk of ending social welfare, but why are pushing for more military welfare, why are they afraid of the gold standard, why are they afraid of free trade, what is wrong in being able to travel around the world and feel free.

Talk to your children about freewill, empower them. But adding debt by voting for the status quo, you are enslaving them. Tell them why you are taking that action, be responsible and own up, stop hiding behind the bible when it only suits you.

Because, either by tax raises in the future or by inflation, you will make them work harder to pay for this debt. Search in your hearts and be honest, is that what you want for you children and grand kids, do your research and find out how much they will owe the government by the time they are your age, do not hide behind reality tv and credit cards.

Maybe they will start to read the bible again and understand the truth about freewill.

Perhaps the elderly will start by watching his - 2002 speech - and then - what if speech - and he can ask them to read or listen to The Law by Fredric Bastiat.

Please help this circulate, it can be a game charger, believe me, the truth can not be denied.