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Attention Michganders: Sign-up for Precinct Delegation this Monday!- Information Thread~!

Attention fellow Michiganders. If you are at all considering becoming a precinct delegate for Michigan here is some important information I just received. This is kind of long but worth the read. Remember this is what needs to happen in order to get our man elected.

Call to Action:

2012 Campaign Kick-off, Precinct delegate sign-up

This is what we have been waiting for. 2012 is here. The time to act has come. We must mobilize our troops. We must join our forces. We must organize our volunteers. We must work together as a united party, so we can take our country back.

Our Liberty and Freedom is in jeopardy. Government is putting more regulations, more rules, and more financial burden on us, so it can control our lives. In return we have less opportunities, fewer options, and fewer choices. We must be vigilant, we must get involved, and we must understand that a big Government is not the answer. We cannot forfeit our responsibility as citizens to the bureaucracy growing like a cancer, only to make our daily lives more difficult and miserable.

Get involved, guard our freedom, speak up, participate, contribute, be active, and be counted. It is our duty to do our part as good, productive citizens of our beautiful state and our great country.

We all have the same goal; we all have the same agenda; we all have the same target. In 2012, we must retake The White House by beating President Barack Obama! We must remove Senator Debbie Stabenow from office by electing a Republican Senator!

This is a call to action. We must be united, organized, and ready for what is coming at us in 2012. We need everyone to participate, to volunteer, and to contribute.

On Monday, January 30, 2012 from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM we are conducting a huge precinct delegate sign up. You can come in at any time between those hours. It will only take a few minutes, stop by, sign up, grab a bite to eat, and meet some new Republican friends. Also, we need you to recruit and bring your family members, friends, and neighbors no matter where they live and sign them up as delegates. If we want to win in 2012, we must double our numbers. If you are currently a delegate, you need to refile, your term is up this year in August. At 7:30PM, we will have a brief program, introducing our guests, instructing new delegates on how to get involved and what needs to be done. Everyone is welcome and invited to join us. Candidates and elected officials are invited to attend. Please do not give your petition to people you do not know. It might not get filed. If you can't make this meeting call Stanley Grot for other dates.

Please attend, sign up, be counted, and let's be ready for the 2012 campaign. Pizza, sandwiches, dessert, and beverages will be served. Please RSVP to stanleytgrot@gmail.com or call 586-453-5988. (We need to know approximate attendance for food planning.)

The event will be held at our Victory Center (address below).

Macomb County Republican Party Event

Macomb County Victory Center
13285 Hall Road, Utica, MI
(NW corner of Hall and Schoenherr Roads,
4 doors north of Target)

(h/t to Bill)

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