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African Tale!

Shungu dzevaRozvi (Passion of the Rozvi Empire)

The Rozvi empire, mighty among their African counterparts, decided to please their King by obtaining the moon as an ever shining plate for him, seeing it was closer and much to the size of a plate in their naked eyes. This was to be their ultimate triumph.

As they built their tower, it got over-weighted on and crumbled down killing every Rozvi strongmen. The once mighty empire, destroyed by their own ignorance, greed, and self indulgence.

Yes sounds like biblical Babylon, Until you hear Newt speak of the moon colony behind an debt tower.

Wisdom from the African tale, Remember Babylon, remember the Rozvi empire.

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The Rozvi empire moon tower & biblical Babylon tower

would have both extended to the moon, and probably well beyond, accommodating ancient space walks if they would have only had helicopter Ben and his wealth-o-matic money machine

the only thing that separates good ideas like these from becoming reality is a wave of Bernanke's magic wand

Wow, thanks for sharing this

wisdom with us, very interesting. Going to be an interesting year. Good luck to everyone.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."