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Video: Full Interview with Jack Welch on Reuters stating that Ron Paul will be "fired" by the GOP!

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Wait. What? Examine the math...

The people in this video don't make any sense at all. They are discussing how to "handle" Ron Paul and 'graciously dismiss' him when 4 out of 6 voters in their own home are for Ron Paul!? That's 66% for Ron Paul. "Firing" him seems laughable but even if nobody changes their mind... that's still 66% for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul's Supporters have

smoke screens and drapes over our butts to prevent smoke or excessive sunshine from being blown up there. We're not like the normal voter who says "oh, my candidate is no longer in the race, now I'll start believing the b*lls**t from the nominee. Oh, I'm sure his promises to change are real this time."

There's no way I would ever vote Gingrich, Romney, or Santorum -- even if Ron Paul dropped out, got drunk, and told us to (which won't happen, BTW).

Reuters and these 2 wash ups are delusional

Reuters and these 2 wash ups are delusional, completely and utterly insane. They think they can control people that are in a fight of a lifetime against tyranny.

I am sorry but who voted this up?

Crap. Should be removed and I feel horrible I watched as long as I did. I gave the poster the benefit of the doubt. Why are we talking abut firing Ron Paul and the most graceful way he can leave the race? Again, kaka.

I think it's worth watching.

Because it exposes the thinking of the corrupt.

Know your enemies...

I posted this because I believe RP's support base should stay informed whether it's good or bad news. Trust me, it was hard for me to sit and watch this video, but like the saying goes, you need to know how your enemies are coming at you.

Jack Welsh to eldest son: Fire Ron Paul

"Son, we are returning to a feudal order. Ron Paul will sap you of wealth. We must fire him and vote for Romney. To preserve the wealth."
Video of conversation here:

Stop Recycling your toxic mercury into vaccines

=WMD's. Stop doing the same with your evil mandatory light bulbs. Stop shutting down coal. It will be a cold day in hell before we give up on our candidate. You are the NWO, we are America.

My Hypothetical Response By Ron Paul

Dear Mr. Welsh

I would like you personally thank you for the wonderful incentive package that you and your controllers have offered me. Considering the fact that I have opt-ed out of the standard Congressional pension plan for the welfare of my nation, your offer to provide me a sizable trust in several off-shore accounts, as well as, first dibs on the new Moon installation which is currently under development courtesy of the Rand Corporation, is most generous indeed. However, there is only one small issue. I have a slight weakness or human quality, as you and some of your handlers might refer to it. It's called MORALS! I understand that you and your people do not understand this logic, being from a different planet altogether.

I hope to see you at my inauguration ceremony on January 20, 2013, when our fore father's will return face-up in their graves.

At the best,
Dr. Ron Paul MD


Lovin' This!

Jack don't know...

Dr. Paul's campaign is supported from the ground up, not from the top down which is way we've gone so far. We're not employees to be fired.

Jack Welch was the head

Jack Welch was the head of GE when they built Fukushima and one of the heads of the military industrial complex. He should have lost everything in lawsuits and be rotting in jail. Crony capitalist of the worst kind.



This will only make me resist even harder!

No compromise!

Thanks, Mr. Welch.

how is it

these people have no idea who ron paul is? really? after all this time? he can't be bought!!! and neither can we. "fire" ron paul and we'll fire the gop.

Hey, This guy is the second Coming!....

Of Donald Trump...You're Fired! LMAO


Yeah... they're going to call him into Trump's conference room.

I wish they would do it.

The whole world would know then what we mean by blowback.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

These People

Live on another Planet than we the people do...THANK GOD!

CompElite Detachment!!!

This video is case in point of how detached and insane the elite are from the rest of reality. He is clearly stating that the decision has been made to pull the plug on RP without his consent. I was waiting for him to say that "the order came down directly from God himself, because we elites are God's voice here on Earth". This is obviously the voice of paranoia.

I've got a message directly

I've got a message directly from human resources to the Welch's.... how 'bout we Paul supporters fire you, your handlers, and those of your ilk who are sitting on the board of GOP instead? If you play your cards right we may concede to allow you a prime time speaking slot at the convention.

You could get Mitt Romney to read Ron Paul's "Imagine" speech at the convention aloud, or even create a Romney avatar to star in a remake of The High Tide and I STLL wouldn't support him. Who among us actually buys this drivel of an olive branch or concession offered by the GOP to win our support? Please. Ron Paul is not applying for a job to serve the interests of the GOP. He is applying for a job to serve the interests of the people. If the only way for the people to hire Paul as chief executive is to sac the GOP, so be it.

So, yet more all seeing sages

who KNOW that Ron Paul "will not be the nominee". So either they are claiming that they know the future without any doubt or they are admitting that RP will not fit their dialectic, he is outside the box within which we are forced to live. What breathless arrogance. The GOP has treated RP like crap for years and when they "fire" him he must be treated with "dignity" and "respect". Pay him off, oops, I mean "compensate" his "fired" butt with an opportunity to speechify at their rigged convention where they will make sure the mike is turned off. And that will pacify all those clueless kids who support him because he is so..."quirky" and we'll all just assimilate into the Republicrats and join the inevitable New Map of the World. They'll let him "save face". What total A-holes. I don't care how much money they have, how much Botox they use, or how many pukey program hosts let them bloviate on about how Ron Paul will be "fired", the only question being how. The only ones who can "fire" Ron Paul is the PEOPLE. He doen't work for you, Jack and Suzy. He works for US. And YOU want him "fired" because he works for US and not you, and not GE's war. We GET it. And WE aren't going to FIRE him. We are going to get him nominated or YOU are going to be forced to reveal how crooked and morally bankrupt YOU, your GOP, and your whole crappy slave system is. If you steal the nomination from Ron Paul it will hurt you more than us or him, trust me.


What an a$$hole. Dried up old beef jerky head a$$hole.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.


Well that's super duper Jack. We'll take your "compensation package" (convention speech, platform changes, etc) and then proceed to vote for Gary Johnson in the general. Have a nice day and go F- yourself you crony capitalist leech. : )

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

He is the former CEO of GE

Somehow, I question this man's motivations.


lol...I thought Ron Paul was unelectable...

...What are they so worried about?

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

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Backwards way of saving face?

Concerned that knowledge of their sons' support for Ron Paul may bring a backlash from their Establisment controllers, the Welchs decided to get a head of the game by acknowledging that they DO NOT support Dr. Paul's policies, but that the GOP needs to be NICE and considerate to Paul and be given a prime time speaking spot at the convention and then his supporters will be energized to support Romney as the nominee and everyone will be happy with glee... I know, I know, WTF!!!

But listen, if their sons are passinate supporters, there is no way that the Welchs actually believe their own BS here. This is just their statement of record, because they know their Elitest friends in the bipartisan establishment will never make any consessions to Ron Paul or his supporters.

This is just a relection of their path of least resistance

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

Oh my goodness

Those people made no sense at all. They're experts on firing people so they are going out of their way to make some kind of analogy with booting someone from the political scene? Negotiating with Paul and his followers to what? Get us to shut up and support war mongers? Get us to go away and stay quiet?

They seem to be claiming some credentials to speak on the subject by claiming their kids are Ron Paul supporters, but they clearly understand nothing and are just being paid to (or paying Reuters to let them) babble. Are they testing out some new non-sense to see if it'll fly as a talking point for the media babble shows?


The rest is just my obligatory hating on GE and Jack Welch's attitude rant...

Will people just stop treating Jack Welch as a god? GE did well because it was the best and earliest at crony capitalism. Their company culture was nothing more than being arrogant about any money they made despite their rigid thinking and pretending success was out of innovation and not political connections. Psychopaths run amok there.

I laugh at his stupid buzz words that he thinks are signs of how innovative his thinking is. Boundarilessness? Really? You didn't invent that word, Jack Welch, it already meant imposing on others with a sense of entitlement. Sorry, but I listened to a book of his on tape (long story).

The arrogance of him going about the world thinking he deserved all this deference was just scary. He surrounds himself with yes men who won't look him in the eye and tell him what a buffoon he is.

Defend Liberty!

"Will people just stop treating Jack Welch as a god?" I will!

I had never heard of Him,or Her for that matter before this Morning.nuf' said.