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People know what Ron is about, they are very scared...

I suggest that many people know about Ron Paul, they have a greater sense than they let on about the state of the world, and they even understand our bad monetary policy is failing, but that actually scares many away from Dr. Paul's message.

Why? Because the truth is scary these days.

They know what is happening and they don't want to hear the truth, they don't want to think about a currency collapse, a banking collapse, but they know it can happen. They know what he says has been happening and that a "dollar event" is coming, and that rather than deal with this reality and face the risk of listening to the man who spelled it all out, they want to believe the men that tell them it will all be okay if they just play along will save them.

This is the truth. People aren't stupid, they are scared!

So what do we do about it?

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if that's where they are coming from...

...I'd say that the only thing which might assuage that kind of fear would be optimism and a plan.

Suggested approach:


Be relaxed, but sober.

Present the problem, yes, and insist that it is indeed a problem.

Then describe how Dr. Paul's changes would address the roots of the problem.

Then paint a picture of what it would look like to overcome the problem. Use an example of a country which has done so, and describe things in that country before, during, and after the crisis. (This helps establish a sense of realism; we aren't just idealistic schemers when we are basing our expectations on real-world results already achieved.)

End on a note of optimism, but tempered with _some_ concern. It's important that we elect Dr. Paul to get these changes done, and we're very serious about making these needed corrections to restore America.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.