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Why Ron Paul CANNOT be a racist! (in less than 100 words)

Calling Ron Paul a racist is as absurd as saying the Sun Rises in the West. Ron Paul believes in individualism. He supports individual rights. His record of twenty+ years in public office convey he did not waver from his advocacy of individualism.

In contrast, racism is ....continue reading at: http://www.ronforrevolution.com/blog.py#sunrise

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My opinion is it's a

My opinion is it's a completely lame, fallacious, race/group/people jars/labels/etc debate that most of the ignorant (about Ron Paul) and irresponsible (for their country) is OBSESSED with ... and very consistently, when they are on the other side, the evil of the force (Obomneyaholics)

As to make the point that Ron Paul's probability to endorse racist views, be it in the MOST remote ways one could EVER speculate of, and in one's sane, written English-capable mind, is ...

ACTUALLY zero, null, blank, void, ... there, just use the source, Luke :


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Your point in posting the same thing twice?

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