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Newt And His Colony On The Moon

Maybe I haven't followed the coverage all that well today but I feel like not much is being made of Newt's comment in last night's debate about putting having a colony on the moon and sending a rocketship to Mars. I thought it was absurd for him to speak like that (#1 we're broke and #2 he was obviously pandering to Florida) and felt like he should've been called out HEAVILY for that. I wonder if it just comes down to TPTB wanting Newt as the nominee so they instructed all the presstitutes to not to discuss it.

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FUN! Another Newt - Moon thread!


This is where Newt and I agree. We need to colonize the moon and make it the 51st state. This creates jobs, fights terror, saves money, the Democrats will be jealous of our GOP brilliance. The two moon-state senators will vote for more moon projects and this creates good jobs, i.e. large contracts. Then Mars will be the 52nd state, and so on. As long as we have the TSA, interplanetary travel will be smooth. If that's not enough, Patriot Acts 3, 4 and 5 should cover it.

Money? No worries, we have helicopter Ben holding Aladin's lamp. Quadrillian Solar-System-Dollars for the new casino on Uranus...too easy.

Heck we can even colonize the galaxy with Newt's inter-galaxial worm-hole project that he will surely unveil during his 2nd term, during election season.

The moon

would be excellent to exploit its fertile soil to grow vegetables and raise cattle. Have ranches. Vacation moon homes with a swimming pool and hamsters. A Ferris wheel too, with clown lights and glow in the dark bucket seats. Music. Cotton candy machines. And a big ladder in DC all the way to the Newtron3000 Lunar Moonbase Colony Head Quarters (N3000LMCHQ) in case there's a fire. And a shoot, so that once you limb up there and you get stuck, you can also slide back down to earth quickly.

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

Yes yes yes!

now you're making sense...


Your comment reminds me of Peter Schiff's line that the only reason we should think about going to the moon is to find life on other planets that is willing to buy our bonds.

Good idea, but make sure the bond buying aliens are the peace-

loving. Neocon aliens will attack unprovoked and never leave

Just shows all you need to

Just shows all you need to know about Newt that he thinks of another big government program but has no clue what being 15 tr. in debt means.