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John Dennis is BACK!


I met John Dennis and Ron Paul at an anti-war rally in San Francisco. I am glad he is running again. I really hope he beats Pelosi.

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How about a San Francisco or

How about a San Francisco or Bay Area special super-brochure where we talk about Ron Paul, John Denis and others that people will vote for on Nov. 6, and compare them to their counterparts + explain how to vote for them? A Liberty brochure?

Denis vs Pelosi FTW http://www.johndennis2010.com/comparison


He's great and electable. Very hard worker. Worth the investment.

Plus, every voter he gets to the polls is likely to prefer Ron Paul.

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I love John Dennis but CRAP

He is running in a district that hates nothing more on Earth than "Republicans." Dennis is so charismatic and clever that if he were running damn near anywhere else in America he would be a shoe-in.

When I used to spread the message about Ron Paul to progressives in Miami you would not believe many times I heard a variation of the following line...

"You mean Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN? No way. I won't even consider it."

For people who pride themselves in being open-minded, progressives are unbelievably close-minded because of blind hatred.

I'll donate to the John Dennis campaign anyhow, and I do like it that he is going against the Wicked Witch of the West herself, but crap.

I was just thinking, in 2010,

I was just thinking, in 2010, he should have run as a Democrat to face her in the primary. One doesn't have to change his convictions to do that, the Democrat party used to be small-government 100 years ago, look at Grover Cleveland (Ron Paul's favorite US president). Some Democrats up to the 70's were very conservative. Now it doesn't really matter as far as strategy, since prop 14, where we now have a free for all primary and the top two goes to the general, but it would really help with people short-minded-ness with dealing with labels.

John Dennis

I know, I live in this district. He should hit her hard on all the Obama care exemptions she gave out to her pals, including night club owners, etc..Time to break out my DEFEAT PELOSI T-Shirt.

Please cite the Constitutional authority for going to war without a declaration of war by congress.

John Dennis is great! Happy

John Dennis is great!

Happy to hear that he is running again.

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One thing I am wondering is

One thing I am wondering is if there is a dedicated thread to congressional and senate candidates we can support. Last time we had BJ Lawson, RJ Harris, Justin Amash, Adam Kokesh, Peter Schiff and Rand Paul (plus a few others), and I feel like we are focusing so much on the presidential campaign we aren't looking at our local candidates.

I live in California, is there a decent Republican who shares our views trying to go against Feinstein?

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

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Just threw him $50

This guy totally needs to be in the Congress..

Everyone who can should toss him $25-50!

I donated last time for his

I donated last time for his campaign.

How close was it again???

he did better against pelosi

he did better against pelosi than anyone she has ever faced in her district.

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He should run against Feinstein or Boxer

and take advantage of his statewide appeal.

This is awesome news

I donated to his campaign last time around and will do so again!!!!! Thanks for the post, keep up the great work!!!!

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Me, too..and I hope he

Me, too..and I hope he realized that his attack ads (although great to me) did not work. He has to push things like her keeping the impeachment of Bush off the table and other things she pushed. She is a devil and the facts are there, so he should bring those to the forefront. People see her in a good light, so the attacks with no facts, fell flat.