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Video Response To Jack & Susie Welch Saying The GOP Will "FIRE" Ron Paul

Hope everyone enjoys this:


Jeremy Richter

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one of your basic assumptions is very wrong

newtorum can't win ON THE FIRST BALLOT. If it goes into additional rounds of voting, even a candidate who DIDN'T RUN in the primaries could be the nominee.

In fact, watch for it. That is why newtorum are still in - to fragment the delegates and force more than one round of voting at the convention.


Appreciate this additional insight. I'll read up on this as well. Also, please read my reply post below. Long story short, nobody is an expert on the delegate issue and I'm just sharing what the official campaign has said publicly. Still, please read my reply post below. Many thx.

The GOP can't fire someone...

who doesn't work for them!

My favorite "independent contractor" RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for pointing out this guy, he is so wrong on delegates

Go and tell him on youtube.


Do math before shooting off mouth.

Please look up the facts about numbers of delegates and which candidates can get how many from which states. There are NOT 500+ delegates in states in which Gettingrich and Santorum aren't on the ballot. They've only missed a couple of ballots. The rest of those which Doug Wead mentioned are caucus state delegates; the reason Doug said Gettingrich and Santorum won't get those delegates is (presumably) because they aren't well-organized on the ground and we are, and that gives us an advantage there. It doesn't mean they can't or won't get ANY of those delegates, though.

Not only that, but even taking 600 delegates off the table, either of those twerps could still win. If all the remaining delegates went to one person, that person would win -- handily.

I wish Doug would issue a follow-up statement about this, because WAY too many DPers are running with scissors on this.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Read Below

Please read my response below.

I just came back to this to say the same thing.

I was also wondering if this guy is a true Ron Paul supporter. Why say something so wrong, could it be to get others to start saying it so they look bad? Can you imagine an army of Paul supporters shooting this crap out of their mouths, boom, no credibility when called on it.


Dude - No offense but please do not question my support for Ron Paul and, more importantly, Liberty. I've personally converted dozens of friends and family members to become RP supporters. Regarding the delegates: I am a father of two sons and run my own business. I'm lucky to have 15 minutes a day to myself. So I go on what the campaign puts out there and what I read on the Daily Paul (which I've been a member for over 4 years). Based on numerous articles and from what the official campaign has said on television and in press releases, what I stated in the video is my present understanding.

If I'm somehow wrong, it certainly isn't my intent to spread false info. You have to also understand that the delegate process has been interpreted many different ways by a lot of people out there. You're inferring that you're the final word on how the delegates work but there are likely thousands of very active grassroots activists out there who have a different interpretation.

I'm proud to be part of this vibrant intellectual community. Instead of resorting to personal attacks and questioning my motivation, why don't you provide some links/videos that speak to your understanding of the delegate process. I would appreciate it and would certainly read/review it. I'm always up for learning more about the process/system we need to work within to get RP nominated.

I've put way too much time and passion into this effort to let a pot shot like yours just go by the wayside. I'm trying to help out and am just going on information put out by the campaign and other liberty intellectuals here on the DP.

I do not care what you say, the math is wrong

Prove me wrong. It does not help to spread false information that can make it easy to discredit someone taking your word on delegates.

If I'm wrong then the campaign is wrong

Nuff said.

nope, not nuff said

Math is flawed, you can read whatever but these are the facts. There are 2,286 delegates total, about 1,212 needed to win. So far with the 3 states about 60 delegates, lets give them 70 for argument sake, then Florida another 50 that’s 120. Then the 560 up for grabs that only Ron and Romney can get, but lets give them 600 for argument sake, that’s 720 delegates. This leaves a total of 1,566 delegates left, enough for anyone to win the nomination, The math says different.

I put my faith in the campaign

And what they've stated publicly. Now you're the one whose support for Dr. Paul should be questioned. Are you saying that Wead and Benton are wrong about what they've publicly stated?

I'm a team player, Bro. If you're that convinced you're right and the campaign is wrong, go and contact them. This infighting helps nobody but the competition. Peace.

No Nuclear Kid, not at all

I just want to point out that just by the simple math, it is wrong. People will use it against people stating this as fact. I have seen what the campaign has said, and they say it for a reason. They have never showed their math, I am sure they use probability to show their figures. When you break down the possibilities, it is hard to prove there is enough delegates for them to win. But those figures I posted are facts that others will use to discredit the Ron Paul supporter and are easily dug up.

I am sorry for questioning your support for Ron, but one never knows who people are over the net.

An average person is not going to dig up the probability for the math on this, IMO.

But, I am sure I could bring up a probability where others could win, it is a Math game.

I hate to step on toes here, and I should not have stepped on yours, again I apologize for that, but one has to keep this in mind, just because someone said something does not make it a fact to others.

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