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His Name Is Ron Paul And He's Our Hero

I'm working on a newspaper article and this is the first paragraph I would also like some suggestions and see if anyone would like to help out so we can make one as a group of Ron Paul supporters cause we have to get the word out. We also should do a NEWSPAPER MONEY BOMB TO HAVE IT PUBLISHED IN NEWSPAPERS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES. SO PLEASE HELP AND LETS DO THIS FOR LIBERTY.


His name is Ron Paul and he’s are hero! He carries a copy of a pocket United States Constitution and whenever he gets the chance to give one away he does almost naturally. Time Magazine declared him the Prophet in there September 2011 article of him for his prediction of the economic collapse. He’s 76 years old and he attracts the people of all ages from the United States and even around the World. The spot light is on the United States in the 2012 election and the whole World is looking to see what happens. We are known as the Greatest Country ever but the last past 12 years have really damaged that. I’ve researched a lot on the internet and seen how and what the media does on T.V. Ron Paul should be the greatest person coming out on T.V. He should be the person that’s on every newspaper. He should be the person everyone talks about. He should be the next President of the United States of America.

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Yahoo! Contributor

Once you put the rest of it together and edit it, you can start a Yahoo! Contributor website for free and get published on a website with name recognition.

"Prophet in there"

should be "prophet in their." (No need to capitalize prophet.)

"The spot light" should be "the spotlight."

"Time Magazine" should be "Time magazine." (Don't capitalize magazine. It's not part of the publication's name.)

"Time Magazine declared him the Prophet in there September 2011 article of him for his prediction of the economic collapse" is awkward. Just say "In their September 2011 issue Time magazine declared him "the prophet" for his prediction of the economic collapse."

"even around the World" should be "even around the world." (Don't capitalize world.)

"the whole World is looking" should be "the whole world is looking." (Don't capitalize world.)

" Greatest Country" should not be capitalized.

Instead of "have really damaged that" consider "have really damaged that image."

According to the AP style manual "internet" should be capitalized.

"T.V." is typically "TV" with no periods.

In "next President of the United States" you should not capitalize president since it is not being used as a title (as in President Ron Paul).


I think your brief article, even with these corrections, does not merit publication as anything other than a letter to the editor and for that you won't need any money, just finding a list of letter-to-the-editor email addresses.

To merit publication as a freelance article you would have to adopt an objective tone, build a case for the pemise, have multiple sources, and present something new ("news"). Alternatively your article would have to relate in a moving way some personal experience you had concerning Dr. Paul. It could be insightful, poignant, or humorous (I recall one article, maybe in Rolling Stone magazine, by a guy who had taken a crap in the toilet stall next to President Lyndon Baines Johnson in the 1960's. Now that was one "moving" article.) Should you succeed in writing a saleable freelance story you will be PAID.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Pemise? You meant Premise, I Think.


You wrote, "To merit publication as a freelance article you would have to adopt an objective tone, build a case for the pemise, ..." I sure this was just a matter of missing the letter "r" when typing your response.

By the way, it was very good of you to help with the grammar and composition of our fellow Ron Paul supporter. Sometimes I get so mad at myself when I write a piece about something, think that it is well written and find out later that I made simple grammatical errors due to hastiness.

Yes, premise is what I meant.

Thanks for catching it.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Check your first sentence out..

I think you meant to say, "His name is Ron Paul and he is "our" hero, not "his name is Ron Paul and he is "are" hero."

"Time Magazine declared him the Prophet in there September 2011" I think you meant to say, "Prophet in "their" September 2011."

"He’s 76 years old and he attracts the people of all ages from the United States and even around the World." I think you may want to say, "he attracts "omit the" people of all ages in the United States and "omit even" around the World."

"2012 election and the whole World is looking to" You may want to say, " and "omit the whole" many people in the World are looking to"

This is just a suggestion, I am not an editor but you may want to consider these small changes. Take care and all the best of luck.

..also, not 'on' a newspaper,

..also, not 'on' a newspaper, but 'in' it..

LOVE the idea,

but may I make a suggestion?

I've long in my personal life made a clear distinction between the term "hero" and "champion."

it may merely be a matter of semantics to some, but if you really get down to the core definition of the terms, perhaps you too would agree that the term "champion" maybe more fit to describe the Doc.

A hero is driven by a personal ambition, whose quest and action may inspire others to worship, or emulate. But at the heart of a 'Hero's Journey' is not about anyone else but him/herself.

A Champion is driven by a fight for a cause, a cause greater than him/herself, ON BEHALF of OTHERS. He/she too inspires others to emulate, and admire, but not worship. He/she understands their own destiny in larger context. He/she fights for a cause that he/she may not achieve within his/her own life time, but has clearly demonstrated a path for others to follow, explore, or lead and forge their own path derived from the success and failures as demonstrated by the champion.

A Champion is someone who is selfless, a fighter for those who can't and the spark that ignites for those who may.

Like square and rectangle relationship, how a square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle can never be a square, so too is the relationship between a Champion and a hero: a Champion CAN be a hero, but a hero can never be a champion.

Thus, I submit to you that Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul is a CHAMPION!

At least he'll forever be MY champion, and perhaps OURS as well!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I prefer champion, too. Hero

I prefer champion, too. Hero sounds like we need someone to save us, and someone to closely govern us. Champion sounds like we are going to do these things ourself and we have a spokesman!

We are the champions - my friends

And we'll keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions - of the world



thanks a little to much to drink today lol

I'm not trying to be a pill

But I think you mean "our" hero.