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Welfare Drug Testing Bill Withdrawn After Amended To Include Testing Lawmakers

A Republican member of the Indiana General Assembly withdrew his bill to create a pilot program for drug testing welfare applicants Friday after one of his Democratic colleagues amended the measure to require drug testing for lawmakers.

"There was an amendment offered today that required drug testing for legislators as well and it passed, which led me to have to then withdraw the bill," said Rep. Jud McMillin (R-Brookville), sponsor of the original welfare drug testing bill.

The Supreme Court ruled drug testing for political candidates unconstitutional in 1997, striking down a Georgia law. McMillin said he withdrew his bill so he could reintroduce it on Monday with a lawmaker drug testing provision that would pass constitutional muster.

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(-- This is a substantial victory for personal liberty. We have to give credit where credit is due. The democrats did a good job handling this invasion of privacy. If only there was a line of communication between them and us, I might have been able to participate in support of this amendment. Not exactly a conventional way to handle it, but it was brilliantly effective! --)

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best headline ever?


What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Maybe while they're studying for their welfare whiz quiz

they can get a job from passing the pre-employment drug screen, and the job might even pay better than the welfare, get off of uncle sugar's dole, get a career going, save money, start a business, buy a house, hire employees, get somewhere in life...

The reason for withdrawing cracks me up...ha!