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Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Written by Fritz Springmeier.

I have been listening to an interview with Fritzy here and he mentioned how in the MSM often deliberate lies are thrown out for Illuminati entertainment. They lie because they can.

It made me think about the rescue in Somalia earlier this week. I believe I was watching CNN (I know, I know....what was I thinking) and they were talking about the time in Washington being 4 hours behind Somalia. I immediately thought that was wrong and they mentioned it again.

Why would they state such an obvious lie? This was no mistake.....it was an out and out prevarication.



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strange.. here I was thinking

strange.. here I was thinking the Illuminati puts conspiracies out there for their own entertainment purposes. But that doesn't make sense either

The only comment

that I could really make about it is that when a person is so completely corrupted by wealth and power for his whole life, and is in a family line of total corruption for generation after generation, it does something to their minds.
At that level of degeneracy, there is no telling what kinds of thoughts and deeds might entertain them, or be considered something they want to do.
It's a very dark scene which is virtually beyond the understanding of anyone who has not degenerated to that low level.