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What Ron Paul should say about the WAR issue, and NATIONAL DEFENSE!

"If any nation attacks us or our interests, and I have verifiable in tel on this, I will immediately draw up a declaration of war and present it to congress, while directing my generals to draw up plans for a quick and decisive victory, with minimal loss of life. Upon receiving that declaration of war from Congress, I will then quickly and decisively attack and destroy the enemies ability to harm the United States. Upon completion of that , our troops will withdraw.

THERE WILL BE NO NATION BUILDING , THERE WILL BE NO RECONSTRUCTION! SO IF ANY OF OUR POTENTIAL ENEMIES OUT THERE HEAR THIS MESSAGE LET THEM KNOW IF THE MESS W/THE United States, they will pay, and they will suffer. And they will get no compensation for the error in their ways!"

This statement , be it in an ad, at the debates, or via a commercial will end the idea about him being weak on national defense. PERIOD.

"`Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." Theodore Roosevelt "

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for the day crew!

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