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NHL's Tim Thomas skips White House visit to protest a government that's "out of control"

Perhaps you didn't expect to be browsing links from Sports Illustrated here, but surprise!


"Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas says he didn't attend the White House ceremony with President Barack Obama honoring the team for its 2011 Stanley Cup Championship because he believes the federal government "has grown out of control" and threatens rights and liberties."

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Words that describe Tim Thomas:

Fearless, brace, courageous, loving, harmonious, happy,honest, compassionate, a true master.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

I can't get away from this "story"

This has been the talk of Boston radio for the past few days.

The radio personalities seem to think Tim is disrespecting his team for not attending.

Callers however, seem to have a different opinion in most cases. Sometimes causing the radio hosts to hang up on them.

National Hockey League

The Boston Bruins and the Canadian media are all over Thomas because of his courageous stand.

Tim, if you're on this site, I say BRAVO!!

BTW......Go Leafs!!



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.


He just posted a Ron Paul quote on his facebook page.

Right next to a JFK quote.

would it be proper to wish

would it be proper to wish that somebody who is invited to meet the president, that when they shake his hand. They just look him in the eye and say "Ron Paul is going to be the next president".

Right on!

A freedom fighter with integrity!

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