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Rant, not about RP

Mods, i just need to vent off, not about RP. Unpublish if you like.

I have been online for 10 years, and all that time talking to Americans. i was on two Christian discussion boards, during the time of the lead up to Gulf War 2. i was called a terrorist lover because I opposed it, by neo-con christians, and by others who simply followed the line because of their indoctrination. it was usually the sceptics who agreed with me and others from overseas. It was a real find coming across the Daily Paul, here i find sense (although not always). And now, once again, the WashPo is raising the newsletter issue, and people (outside the paul campaign) who should know better are triumphing the end of Paul's campaign; Christians who believe in truth are swallowing lies, while giving a hail mary pass to the likes of romney, Gingrich and Santorum.

For Pete's Sake, what is wrong with americans?!?!?! The world is the way it is because of your government's policies: you handed half of europe to the soviets, and then turned the other half into your personal buffer state, and filled it with lethal weapons. you did the same to japan and SE asia, killing how many millions, and causing pol pot etc. You exploited central and south america, and supported right wing dictators who ensured your ability to make a buck or two, and killed thousands of people who opposed it. you still persecute racial minorities through your injudicial system. and now we are headed to WW3 becos the puppets you put in place didn't perform, and the people put their own people in place and you don't like that. American exceptionalism? My God it would be so good if america WAS exceptional! and in the midst of all that, some injudicious sentences from 20 years ago are paraded as the worst crime since judas sold jesus. will you F***** americans wake up!!

I'm done, thanks
solly, UK.

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