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Novo Nordisk: Gingrich was a Lobbyist! The Danish Big Pharma's Own Internal Docs CONFIRM It!

Is there an Olympic category for the World's most frequent professional, serial liar reserved specifically for the likes of Grinch? I thought Dick Cheney always took gold in that category. But, as it turns out, Gingrich is giving him run for his money!


News in english 27. jan. 2012 KL. 18.10

NOVO: Gingrich was a lobbyist

Documents from Novo Nordisk show that the Danish company Novo saw Newt Gingrich as a lobbyist

By Jakob Nielsen, Washington

Novo Nordisk viewed Republican presidential hopeful New Gingrich as a lobbyist in Washington, according to the Danish company’s 2009 annual report in which Novo’s membership of Gingrich’s Center for Health Transformation is listed as “costs for lobbyism”.

Gingrich has come under attack as he insists that he has never worked as a lobbyist, but has only offered strategic consultancy.

The issue is a controversial one because Gingrich portrays himself as a politician who is not involved with what he calls ‘the Washingon elite’...

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I wonder how it makes diabetics feel

Newt profits handsomely from their illness. Anybody looking for a cure in Pharma, politics, or even healthcare? I wonder.... BRB...

Well, well, well.... I asked the googlemind "dibates cure" and there at the top, it offered me this:

"In the search for a cure for diabetes, a 2006 study stunned even the experts involved. Scientists at a Toronto medical center published findings that diabetes may be triggered by nerves, suggesting that diabetes is triggered by neuropathic problems rather than by autoimmune disorders.
In the study, mice that had been given diabetes became healthy within 24 hours after medical experts introduced a compound to circumvent the effect of reduced neurons in the pancreas."

As usual, scientists look and FIND a cure, and Pharma and healthcare keep it TOP SECRET! Nobody profits from cures.

So, diabetics, how does it make you feel to know that Newt invests in "treatment" that makes you a lifelong addict to the drug he is invested in, and no one is offering you even the HOPE of access to the cures that are already being discovered? Ready for government run healthcare, are we?

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Newtron Kill'em is a narcicist and a sociopath, just like Slick

Willy, without the charm and finesse. Willy could lie and get away with it, but Newtron lies and it comes back to bite him. Here, is an article about William Jefferson Gingrich. http://www.nysun.com/opinion/william-jefferson-gingrich/87674/
To top it all off, we now have DeLay, Abrams, Dole and a few lesser names, who are all neocon big government Republicans, stating Newt isn't a conservative, and lying about his relations with Reagan. I imagine that would make him a socialist at best.

Newt is not a historian...

... he is a revisionist... he rewrites history to suit his purposes.

Plano TX

That much is certain! .o)

whenever I'm watching one of the debates, I day dream about a more bombastic version of the Doc confronting Grinch with:

'Oh Nuttie Nut Newt, you keep telling people 'as a historian this' and 'as a historian that.' Well, that's nice, but so tell me Mr. Historian, what good is knowing ABOUT history, but when you don't learn FROM history?'

'Sounds to me like you're the perfect poster child for what is wrong with our public indoctrination system: it teaches kids how to regurgitate & memorize answers to pass tests, but NOT actually learn anything, nor more apropos for you, teach kids how to think!'

ah... only if!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul