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Nomination Math

I just want to have a thread for this specifically.

Someone had a thread indicating 564 delegates up for grabs in states that only RP and Romney are on the ballot. Combined with the caucus states, and whatever RP won in NH and Iowa, where do that put it?

I'm really hopeful and also 100% certain that I won't get the real picture from MSM sources.

So, if someone can post their understanding of it like this:
1. States with only RP and Romney - 564 in play (VA et al).

2. The number of Iowa and NH delegates already won.
3. Caucus states remaining and # of delegates in those races.

I would LOVE to see a brokered convention with nobody knowing what Ron is going to do with his delegates.

LOL This would be priceless: "You know, this can work both ways. If you coalesce around me, I can give you a position as Commerce Secretary, Mitt!"

Of course we don't want Mitt in that post, but it is funny seeing the talking heads already loathing the leverage Ron will have in Tampa.

It is great that the idea that the Republicans can't win without Ron Paul supporters is currently the conventional wisdom. Not to mention true.

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great video, i got the spreadsheet too.


We do NOT want a brokered convention!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!