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Iowa caucus result more than suspicious‎


Not sure if this was already posted, but some of the things mentioned in this article are new to me.

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Thanks for posting

It's as if the crooks in charge don't care if people buy into the system anymore. They want an uprising so they can start killing off dissenters and eugenically obtain their population of obedient sheeplike Eloi.

Article is really good, but here's my *take* on the caucuses!

However, it leaves us with the incredible realization that even if Dr. Paul weren't in the "race", it begs the question~~Would they also do the same vote manipulations of one RINO candidate against another RINO candidate?

I think we know the answer!

Still, now that Nevada is having problems, and I have no doubt, we will have similar problems here in Montana, the caucus states will not be *that* easy to garnish the delegates we want, and considering that the GOP *changes* their rules on a whim to suit THEIR needs, well, I just don't know...

However, the Campaign has a tactical strategy. They cannot reveal it, or it would become less effective and no doubt implode. I will not say what I think it is~~but, I see our mission as just proceeding as is, and KEEP CONVERTING AND CHANGING HEARTS & MINDS....so, while at our caucuses, we should confront, and while at the State Conventions, we should confront....this time. Remember, there are many innocent RINOS who are getting pretty disgusted with the "choices" they have, too! Those are the minds we need to reach!

Yes, THIS TIME is different than 2008. We know a lot more, and we a LOT MORE has happened economically with the Crash of '08, the Banking Bailouts that nobody liked, and also because we KNOW the GOP's character!! We're mad as hell, and we're not gonna take it anymore, right?? RIGHT!!!