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My Journey out of bewilderment

I have been reading these posts about how Ron Paul is ruining marriages, dating, etc. These posts are all in jest, but it really got me thinking about Ron Paul in my life and how I came to be obsessed with him. I am 36 and a Ron Paul junkie. I started following politics when I witnessed Ross Perot make a fairly successful third party bid. I remember then wondering why they treated him differently and of course his self bought infomercials. After Clinton was elected I can remember watching a video detailing shady dealings, drug running and possible murder connections to the Clinton's being passed around. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but it was enough to get me listening to Rush and G. Gordon Liddy all the time. I never thought about being a Republican or conservative before this, but now I was sure I was a hard core conservative and Republican because I detested Clinton and loved Rush. Towards the end of Clinton's second term, somebody I worked with turned me on to a magazine called The New American. Let me tell you what, I rapidly became a subscriber. This publication was one of the first things to plant the seed in my mind that our government wasn't what I was brought up to believe it was. Unfortunately this publication was also too much too soon, as some of the claims were too far out there for me to accept blindly. I never forgot many of the articles that stood out though and can recall their accuracy to things that are now happening.
I continued to my path of being a self identified Republican, voting for Bush and listening to Rush with enthusiasm. When 9/11 happened, I was angry and fully supported a "global war on terrorism" and wanted to bomb all of those "dirty Arabs". I was all for turning the whole area into a sheet of glass. I was excited and cheered with the bombs began falling on Afghanistan and even more happy when they began falling on Iraq. We were getting them terrorist! Soon though, I began running across blog posts from Iraqi's living in Iraq. They were detailing their lives and what they were like since we "liberated" them. Some of these posts made me begin to question the wars. My level of support began to drop. When the government passed laws such as the Patriot Act, I was saddened and fearful. I was beginning to question more. I began to slowly quit listening to Rush. I began to think....
When Katrina happened, I witnessed the disregard the government had for Americans and the abject failure the government was. I began to think even more....
The turning point was when I was watching the infamous 2007 debate exchange between Ron Paul and Giuliani. My mouth dropped and I just knew that Ron Paul was speaking the truth! I didn't know anything about him, but I just knew he was honest. I began to Google Ron Paul and learn about him. I soon found the Daily Paul! I remember becoming obsessed with learning all I could about the topics that Dr. Paul was speaking about. I donated to my first politician during the 6 million dollar money bomb, which was then such an original concept. I took my infant daughter to my polling location on Super Tuesday and voted for Ron Paul proudly. It was a surreal and fantastic time. I also remember the somber mood here when it became apparent that Ron Paul was not going to secure the nomination. I have never felt so sad and deflated about a politician before. I continued, like many, to carry on with what I had learned. I have turned my three younger brothers to Ron Paul. We are working on our parents. I preach to my kids and wife. I talk about him to people at work. I continue to donate what I can to the money bombs and the Daily Paul is a multi-times per day obsession. I read articles on Lew Rockwell and Mises. Once you have taken the Red pill, you cannot go back. The world doesn't look the same. My stress and frustration levels are at all time highs and I scream why cannot people see what is going on!? The Daily Paul has been my therapy. I have been a lurker here since 2007 and I have posted a few posts and comments, but I consider everyone here friends in the cause!
I find myself ashamed that I supported and cheered the death of hundreds of thousands. My ignorance has been a source of sadness. I now am much more opened minded and have taken the time to learn about other cultures, especially the Iranians. I have learned that most of the people in the nations of the world, want peace and it is the governments that want war/unrest. I pray it is not too late for everyone. I pray that many more can become enlightened as I have. I have a hopeful optimism for the future of all our children, but also a fear. Ron Paul has changed my life..... Thank you

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here here brother.

this is similar to my story too.

Your transition is a mirror reflection of my own experience. Perhaps less ironic considering the present company.

In fact we are the same age, and just like you were both in highschool staring with half connectedness at Ross Perot. Went to Rush, loved him, voted Republican since. Wanted to nuke the world after 9/11, but at the same time didn't, I knew it was reprisal just I didn't know why. Soon afterward we got the Patriot Act, abu ghraib, and another sister brought the impact of the Patriot Act to my attention. My eyes opened. Glenn Beck, believe it or not, helped a lot until he betrayed Ron Paul over Israel.

I read Blowback - then shame. So much shame. It was an unsettled uneasy incommensurate feeling that lead to many teary nights where my expression could no longer be repressed. It was as though I wanted to tuck myself into a dark corner and never come out again. All those poor people. Why did I support this?

Then, after a while resolve settled in. Shame turned to bitter resistance. I would never be on the wrong side again. Ever. It began my quest for truth.

Then Dr Paul came out and thundered against the wars in 2007. My girlfriend at the time (and Jessica if you ever read this I will always love you for introducing Ron Paul to my life) watched the debates with me and we talked about each politician. I instantly liked Paul. I was blown away. That was when I coincidentally started disliking Hannity, Rush, Fox, Levin, O'Reilly and about 35 other pundits and news media outlets that I instantly saw were trying to squelch, marginalize, and trivialize Ron Paul's message. It's been everything Ron Paul since then. I read everything I can find.

I told my sister yesterday that once you fully embrace Ron Paul's message of liberty and understand what it truly means, it's similar to a Christian conversion. It fundamentally changes people. It's that same level of intensity. I've felt both - Christ in college, and liberty in my mid 30's. When I told her that, she said with a smile, "You're nuts." I said, "No you don't understand. I am a maniac." Her head jolted back and she looked at me quizzically. I continued, "I am the irate minority the one who sets the fire for liberty in the hearts and minds of men." Then she said laughing, "No one an doubt your passion Danny. Do you include women in your...thing?" I said, "I encourage stoning and the Burka" as we both laughed.

I found the Daily Paul several months ago doing some Google research for Dr.Paul, and signed on about two weeks later. I've told 30-40 people about the Daily Paul since then.

It's a love affair for sure. I talk to everyone I can about him. I live not far from Ron Paul's district down here in Texas (Pete Olsen is my Congressman - eh...) where Ron has a ton of support. For many many years I lived in League City in Galveston County had the pleasure of Ron serving as my Congressman. I wish I knew about him back then.

At the car wash today, at random I ran into a rancher from Brazoria County (also part of Ron's district for 22 years) who stopped in to get his wife's car cleaned while I was having mine detailed as well - and we got to talking. Such an interesting man - 76 years old and loves Ron Paul. Truly loved him. No candidate can buy that kind of support. It's written in our hearts.

I handed him a super brochure and shook his hand as I left.

But remember, no long faces. While Liberty is a chore to defend it is also the most inspirational and wonderful human emotions.

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

I love this

I told my sister yesterday that once you fully embrace Ron Paul's message of liberty and understand what it truly means, it's similar to a Christian conversion. It fundamentally changes people.

It really does fundamentally change you. Great analogy!

It really is an awakening

Your view completely changes when you realize the truth.

I love the title of your post

"Bewilderment" is a great word choice. Your story chokes many of us up because it is our story too.



I've seen the number grow from about 400 to 600 and even more on the site.

However, only about 30-40 are posting.

It is interesting to hear from those reading and why they got here to read.

Keep it up. I especially like the new citizens and foreigners because they look at things from a different view.

Thanks for posting.


I completely agree

I love reading what new citizens and foriegners have to say as well, because their observations and opinions regarding our current state of affairs is fresh. I have found foreign news services to be particularly enlightening too.

It is very rare that a post

It is very rare that a post brings me to tears, but yours certainly did. How you could have cheered the deaths of so many, and now come to us, just about blew me away. I love how you were open enough to change, and then had the courage to speak of it. So many below said true things about your well-written post and our pleasure to have you here, that I don't need to say any more. I actually had tears streaming down my face reading this, and the hope it gave me was needed.

Thank you

for your kind words. They mean a great deal to me, as does this movement. It is amazing what a little self education and thinking will do for a person. There are so many that were like myself and they are acting like rabid dogs on a chain....just itching to wipe out as many innocent Iranians and others as possible. It is a misguided concept. I wish more people would watch the "Iran Documentary Yesterday and Today: Rick Steves" on YouTube. It gives another view of Iran and it is wonderful.

Billy Jack's picture

"It is sad that governments

"It is sad that governments are chiefed by the double tongued." Chief Ten Bears.

Cos Cob, CT

We came to the US in 1991...

... and had no interest in politics. Both parties were Coke and Pepsi to us. I liked Buchanan, but when they marginalized him, I realized that we were living in a one-party state.

In the summer of 2007, the female singer of Three Shoes Posse in Austin posted a You Tube video about Ron Paul. I was hooked. Three months later, we became US citizens. As an outsider, it was much easier for us to see through the two party mirage. It took just one You Tube video, albeit by a very good spokesperson, to convince us that we got the real deal in Ron Paul. And then came the best days of our lives.

Plano TX

Your story brings on so many memories which we can relate

The Ross Perot, the Rush and so forth. Today, we find Rush as a neo cheater and that is sad to say that. And we worked hard to get Ross on the ballot in California at the time and he did then nothing...can relate how you felt too. Maybe Ross Perot would come out in public and support Ron Paul too and also financially. You did an exceptional job in your message. It was sad and gratifying at the same time---if you know what I mean. Today my wife and I are supporters and will vote for Ron Paul and hopefully by the middle of the month of February we will feel good about our State of Maine giving Ron Paul most of our Caucus Votes.
Thank you for your story. You are so appreciated for the work that you do.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Thank You

for what you and your wife do. Best of luck in Maine. This is one of the most exciting and frustrating primary seasons yet. I sometimes do wish Ross Perot would publicly support Ron Paul.

Ron Paul 2012.

It's great the you are a Ron Paul Republican

Are you going to your RCC meetings and making a difference? What frustrates me is all the Ron Paul followers waiting for Ron Paul and Ron Paul Republicans to FAIL so they can prove their MSM B.S. is truth. I want to prove them WRONG! It's going to take people to occupy the GOP. I'm lovin' it.

Please forgive me ignorance, but

what does RCC mean? I believe I know, but want to make sure. So since I asked this question, the answer would be no. I am working towards being more publicly involved in supporting Ron Paul, but for now I mainly speak to people one on one. That is effective for me and people really seem to listen. My next goal is to walk the neighborhood and do phone from home.

I think

that's Republican Committee Chairman (????)


Thank you

I thought it meant Republican Campaign Committee myself.

Hi rattlingpebbles

There are no ignorant Ron Paul supporters, or Republicans. I was a Ron Paul supporter in 07-08, absolutely REFUSED to join the GOP. I didn't care what Ron Paul said. I loved the rEVOLUtion and Ron Paul, but the GOP could not fall off the face of the Earth fast enough. This election, when Ron Paul announced his candidacy, I joined the GOP and began attending my county's RCC, Republican Central Committee. This is where the POWER is. I have already showed up more than anyone but the Chair, we're equal in attendence.

At our meetings they talk about being broke, changing the rules, aupporting taxes, supporting Occupy events and bashing Obama and Democrats. If just one more person would show up who is a Ron Paul supporter, we would rule.
So I get frustrated that so many Ron Paul supporters will not join the GOP and become Ron Paul Republicans. I understand their feelings. I was there. But I see now what Ron Paul was talking about. We can take this party and make it ours. The trick is to join, and MSM has a deep hook in too many who still don't believe Ron Paul over MSM.

I too love talking about Ron Paul, but that's not going to win him delegates. Having people join the GOP is the trick.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU... I've read all his books, I'm adicted to DP and I learn something every day; that's how profound this rEVOLution is. I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Welcome home!

Thank you

for letting me know what RCC meant and for a bit of education on what goes on there. This is something I will definitely check out as it does appear they are very comfortable with their "club" and it wouldn't take much to strengthen Ron Paul's message. Thank you again.

You first time posters

are tearing it up as of late. Why have you all been lurking so long, you are excellent writers and full of passion. As you know, it is always awesome when you find yourself coming to look at the Dailypaul and seeing new forum topics to look at, so post often. Thank you for all you do, keep up the great work!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I spend more time reading

all the fantastic posts from others who are on here. The wonderful thing is that each posts leads down another road of discovery. I have come on here many times and plan on just checking a few things for a few minutes, but hours later I find myself emerging from another session in enlightenment. This leaves little time to post or comment most days. I will work to post more, as I enjoy the interaction with fellow patriots.

It seems that we are all going through

a transition right now. So many posts about the journey to truth and freedom. This election cycle we are more aware of the realities, and more determined and passionate.

Realizing where our journey has lead us.
Realizing that there is no turning back.
Realizing that this will be a long and arduous journey (not all wrapped up nicely in one election).

And, finally, realizing that amidst all of the agony, sorrow, defeat and frustration... it is the ONLY road and the RIGHT road... and that brings an inner peace amid the turmoil.

Most people live their entire lives in confusion and servitude. It is we who are the lucky ones. Our lives will have meaning and purpose, no matter what happens around us.

We ARE free when we see the light and the truth of our rights as human beings. "and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"

Viva la revolucion!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

I agree 100%

With your reply. I am working to be even more active in the community in promoting Ron Paul, in an attempt to pass on information that will allow others to see what I see. It is the right road and as Ron Paul said, we have an obligation to do something about what is going on. It is a movement and slow awakening, but also a race against time.