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Ron Paul, Class Clown?

I have heard Anderson Cooper especially saying this since the last debate, and have heard a couple other media folks pick up on it as well. Now, instead of saying anything about the issues, which they would have to concede victory to Ron on EVERY TIME, it's 'That Ron Paul, what a funny guy! YUK YUK YUK. I hope the campaign is hearing this crap and emphasises that what's REALLY funny is that his opponents think they know what they're talking about when their lips are flapping, or other such.

I think even Chucklin' Doug may have to ease up a bit for a while, because it looks like that's all we're gonna hear about from the TV fools, is what a Joker Ron Paul is.

It would be funny if it wasn't so devious and purposely misleading...

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I noticed the same thing -

I noticed the same thing - John King said it, members of the post-debate panel said it...they are so f-ing obvious yet the lemmings just won't pay attention.

Cos Cob, CT

Class clown > cranky old uncle

The pundits are nimrods. They only speak about personalities in regards to debates, never anything about the issues. I think class clown is a promotion to what they have called him before, cranky old uncle. It used to be Gingrich who had that role. Now he is just making a fool of him self as the front runner.

Truth is funny

B.S> can be funny, but Truth resonates with the heart.

If you think someone is lying to you, tell them what you see as the truth. If they LOL. Busted.

Ron Paul is funny because Ron Paul tells the truth.

Anderson Cooper,

Ass Clown?

Anderson Pooper




"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul