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That being said, Goooooo Newt!

Romney is bad, Santorum is worse, but Newt is toxic. That being said, "Gooo! Newt!"

I'm still pulling for a three way race to the convention.
Keep this race going for the MSM. Yes, we get almost no press in a 3 way, but the presstitutes will pull up stakes and talk only to Obama and Romney if Newt pulls out.

Our hope is for a long race, where we can continue to ratchet in voters, and delegates. Where we can avoid the large cannon and pick up a win or two or three, while the bad and the worst destroy each other.

Voters might tire and move to Ron Paul, especially as more of their neighbors assure them that Dr. Paul is the only sane candidate, and they witness the insanity of the two for themselves.

If a win happens, it has to happen on the back side of this race. We have to keep the race going until then.
If a convention win happens, we have to enter the convention with no candidate with enough delegates.
If leverage happens, we have to have a lot of what Romney wants, and flip-flopper will negotiate.

So, contrary to our beliefs, and purely for the cause of expanding human freedom deeper into the sleeping masses ....

"Gooooooo! Newt!"

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I think we need a three-way race, too

My concern is that if it's just Dr. Paul and Romney, they'll stop having debates and crown Romney.

We're going to have to dance with the tiger, before we fight the tiger.