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my reply to Makow smear against Ron Paul

I was sad to see a smear against Ron Paul ( at a website that I'm otherwise mostly in agreement ) and I wrote a response which I hope might encourage others to support Ron Paul. I encourage folks to send Henry Makow your "two cents worth" on the subject as there are many with better understanding of the finer points of monetary reform...

Return of the Gold Standard Imminent

The gold standard will precipitate a massive deflation. The ensuing chaos will help usher in their coveted New World Order and World Currency.

by Anthony Migchels

"What has been in the cards for decades is now fully on the agenda: the return of the Gold Standard. Gold as currency is a weapon. It is a wealth transfer to those holding Gold, which is not the 99%, and will precipitate a massive deflation. The ensuing chaos will help usher in their coveted New World Order and World Currency. ... "

Here is my response ( we'll see if he posts it ... )
{ update: props to Henry Makow for quickly posting my reply }


I'm a longtime reader and generally enjoy your articles and agree with most of the viewpoints. Unfortunately, the new article by Anthony Migchels "Return of the Gold Standard Imminent" contains many factual errors, obvious contradictions and serious omissions that amount to a cheap smear against Ron Paul.

On the one hand Migchels indicts Paul as for his support of Austrian school economics ( without mentioning to readers that Austrian economics have proven very accurate in the last 10 years ) and a gold standard ( without telling readers that Dr. Paul advocates "broader base of gold ownership" ). Migchels calls for "competing currencies" as one solution yet fails to mention Dr. Paul's bill "Free Competition in Currencies Act of 2011".

Migchels also seems to be willing to give the FED a "pass" on their numerous crimes against the American people, while Dr. Paul sponsored bills to fully audit the FED. Migchels calls for "government monopoly" on money creation, while Paul calls for "free competition" in currency.

It's clearly Anthony Migchels who is shilling for the elite while Dr. Ron Paul represents the common man as he always has.

"In this one detail — the critical importance of the gold coinage — I believe lies the key to establishing a new gold standard.

We should make no mistake about it: the more progress we make toward reestablishing the gold standard, the more aggressive our opposition will become. Some vested interests, as you know, have a lot to lose if we succeed in getting the monetary system reconstructed on a gold basis. The first political step is, therefore, to get the coinage into circulation.

One objective might be to aim for every American to become a gold owner. We must encourage a broader base of political support for gold ownership and the availability of gold for personal economic objectives. Certainly a broader base of gold ownership in the country would help to reduce the threats of discriminatory taxation or regulation of gold ownership and gold coin transactions, which are seriously favored in Congress today."

- Ron Paul

I ask you to remove this obvious smear and simply give Dr. Ron Paul fair and accurate coverage on your site.



HR1098 Free Competition in Currencies Act
HR459 Federal Reserve Transparency Act
HR1095 Freedom to Bank Act

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This was...


The Argument that Fukushima Was Sabotaged


Of course, we all know isreal sabotaged the fukushima reactors because japan was offering to refine nuklear fuel for Iran. So bing-bada-bang and the rest is history as they ultimately have in the plan to slowly kill off Americans also.

Those isreallies kow-towing to the bankster rothschilds population reduction agenda...ya just gotta love em aye. How about we send them some more billions of dollars and weapons that cost the taxpayers here to kill more Gazan Children.



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That was an excellent reply. Thank you so much

for your effective activism and for posting your example.


I just hope henry makow is wrong. Or we will have to carry on the message of liberty without Paul.


It doesn't matter either way if the political elite thought they could manipulate us. They just awakened a sleeping giant and they cannot stop us.

Henry makow

I wonder why Henry hosts these people? Although Henry has been accurate on alot of issues like the wall street support for the Bolsheviks. More on the ron paul smear:


deafening silence

... will be taken as a compliment in this case. Case closed.