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To Jack Welch from a Ron Paul supporter: "Don't go away mad, just go away."

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So Jack Welch (the retired CEO of General Electric) wants to give Ron Paul the pink slip and keep all of his supporters on the Republican plantation.


Well here is my response.


Dear Mr. Welch,

Now I know you weren't trying to be mean the other day when you and your wife Suzy, announced in your new Reuters column that the GOP needs to "fire" Ron Paul. You were very generous in your compliments to the Ron Paul supporters. I think the words you used were "young", "passionate", and "energetic". (You forgot to mention that they are also "right"; right about the Federal Reserve, right about the constitution, right about a non-interventionist foreign policy, and right that Ron Paul would make the best president of the United States. But I am sure that was just an oversight.) Let me return the compliment.

I know that your managerial skills are second to none. You didn't make General Electric into one of the world's most profitable companies by being mean to your employees. No, you did THAT by inheriting a huge corporation that was already very profitable, acquiring media outlets to slant the news, and becoming chummy with the Washington D.C. insiders that control government contracts and write business regulations that stifle competition. Oh, and becoming VERY good at firing people.

Yes, you are the master at "letting people go". You've written books about it. You didn't get the nickname "Neutron Jack" for nothing. Like a neutron bomb, you could empty a corporate building of employees without so much as staining the carpet.

You're firing skills are legendary.

So when you announced that Ron Paul has absolutely no chance of becoming President of the United States, and that the Republicans needed to get rid of him with "dignity" and "respect" (instead of like the “kook” that he is) you were speaking with the voice of experience.

You used the analogy of firing an employee without turning them into an enemy. You are absolutely correct when you say that the GOP needs the millions of enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters, not only to win the election in November, but to remain competitive in the future.

And you are no political novice. I know that you and your buddies in the leadership of the Republican AND Democratic parties, have worked tirelessly over the years to protect the American people from the dangers of excessive self-governance. And you have done it in the most humane way possible. Most people don't even know that you have been choosing their political leaders for them.

But here's the deal, I am afraid it is time for us to part ways.

Now wait a minute, don't get the wrong idea. We Americans really DO appreciate all you have done for us. I bet you think that all of your tireless work behind the scenes has gone unnoticed. Not true!

Ron Paul supporters know how you have been working with the Council on Foreign Relations to make sure that all of our presidents and their advisers are committed to a globalist agenda. We know it hasn't always been easy to find the next Dick Cheney or John McCain. It isn't like good-looking, intelligent, sociopaths interested in politics grow on trees. And those few don't exactly walk around with signs on them.

No, Jack … (It IS okay if I call you "Jack" isn't it?) ... a lot of people think that all it takes to be the next Newt Gingrich is a lack of conscience, but we both know better than that, don't we? If that were true almost any used car salesman could become president. Your kind of presidential candidate needs to remember endless one-liners and soundbites. They can't always rely on a teleprompter being around. When a debate moderator asks them a question about some embarrassing topic, they need to be able to deliver their pre-rehearsed lines with just the right tone of feigned disgust, all the while pretending that they were thinking on their feet. Not an easy thing to do, even with the best script writers, coaching, and plants in the audience to laugh and applaud wildly on cue.

But most of all, Jack, I know it hasn't been easy to keep candidates like Ron Paul from succeeding. Sure there is a formula: "First you ignore them, then you ridicule them, then you fight them," but everything is always easier in theory.

And this year the number of Ron Paul supporters just seems to keep growing and growing. And we (Did I mention that I am a Ron Paul supporter?) aren't like the social conservatives or evangelicals. We aren't single issue voters that refuse to see the big picture. We can't be distracted by wedge issues. We can't be shamed or guilted or humiliated into silence. We aren't going to be satisfied if you treat Ron Paul with "respect", let him deliver the keynote address at the national convention, or even offer him a cabinet post. We won't be herded like cattle by anyone, not even Ron Paul.

That's because we aren't interested in politics as usual. We don't want to win an election. We don't want to write a party platform that will be ignored. We don't want a bigger piece of the federal pie.

We want our freedom back.

We aren't loyal Republicans, because we ARE loyal Americans.
We are TRUE patriots who honor the timeless principles embedded in the U.S. Constituiton, OUR Constitution.

So I wanted to put your mind at ease. You and Suzy don't need to figure out how to let us down gently. We aren't going away. We won't abandon the Republican Party, we will BECOME the Republican Party.

But I wanted to reassure you that there aren't any hard feelings. We don't mind that you're rich, we just didn't like that you bought our government. You can keep your hundreds of millions of dollars, your condo in Trump Tower, your Knick's season tickets,....

You are especially welcome to keep your column with Reuters and say any old thing you like.

But we WILL take our country back.

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Sprout's picture

Great letter!

I love it! I didn't know others believed the way I do. Thank you for writing such a great letter!



for a washer and dryer. They won't be GE.



I read this when it first appeared on DP a day or so, but had no time to comment. I didn't notice who wrote it, but I should've guessed. You nailed it buddy. ;-)

I really appreciate everything you do for our mutual cause. Thanks.

It's Too Late Jack

The time to "win over the Ron Paul vote" was when GE's media holdings were blacking him out. GE's participation in the media black out (well documented by Pew btw) radicalized Ron Paul's supporters more than they would otherwise have been. At this point they've had a belly-full of the abuse, and it has hardened them to any overtures from the elites.

Jack, YOU could have done something about this and you didn't for a simple reason:

You don't possess the foresight, or principles, to be a manager, let alone a leader*.

*But the fact that you're even talking about the problem at all puts you light-years ahead of the other media bosses.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

polite response GE crony criminal ethics taxpayer crime....

A little background on GE....

Of the New York Fed's nine board members, six are chosen to represent the public. Three of these six are picked by member banks; the other three are selected by the Fed's board of governors in Washington, D.C. The member banks somehow have been able to fill only one of the three "public" board positions, so the public voice is limited to Jeff Immelt, the chairman of GE. Yes, that's right: The chair of GE, one of the nation's largest finance companies, is the only public voice on the New York Fed chosen by the member banks.

Now this information is available from the Bloomberg FED data. Numbers are in millions...
Now this is an incredible conflict of interest.... Now the the FED CLAIMS THAT THE CPFF (Chrysler, General Electric, AIG, GMAC Among CPFF Borrowers) actually made the FED Money.... As an educated Ron Paul supporter we all know the thin air moral hazard sick economy from not liquidating the debt (AKA Japan2.0)
and the GDP collapse..


Identified in Fed Documents as: General Electric Co
Capital Raised From Home Governments $0.00
Programs CPFF Fed's Commercial Paper Funding Facility
Country United States
Industry Manufacturing
"Average Daily Balance
From 8/1/2007 to 4/30/2010" $1,451.85
Peak Amount of Debt $16,137.70
Peak Date 11/21/2008
Number of Days In Debt to the Fed 115 Market Cap

Percent of Market Cap CPFF
10/27/2008 $2,283.30 $186,091.47 1.23% $2,283.30
10/28/2008 $7,048.60 $204,564.17 3.45% $7,048.60
10/29/2008 $9,233.00 $201,520.39 4.58% $9,233.00
10/30/2008 $10,921.30 $203,094.77 5.38% $10,921.30
10/31/2008 $13,107.10 $204,774.09 6.40% $13,107.10
11/1/2008 $13,107.10 $204,774.09 6.40% $13,107.10
11/2/2008 $13,107.10 $204,774.09 6.40% $13,107.10
11/3/2008 $13,107.10 $202,569.95 6.47% $13,107.10
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11/5/2008 $13,107.10 $209,182.34 6.27% $13,107.10
11/6/2008 $13,107.10 $192,493.94 6.81% $13,107.10
11/7/2008 $13,107.10 $197,951.78 6.62% $13,107.10
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Now anyone interested in the in putting the data and a web site together for clawback from the top 20 executives and claw backs from federal elected officials from the firms let me know if there is interest...

With dignity you gave Jack

With dignity you gave Jack and Suzy the most incredible rebuttal to their most arrogant and narcissistic explanation as to how they believe it seems that they are running the GOP. I think these people are living in a delusional world. Great job and I love your writing style.

Fantastic response!

This letter really needs to be published in other places besides here. Is there an address to write to Reuters to tell them what we think of their new columnists? Their contact link only brings up a support page. It was nauseating to watch Welch talk. All this time I thought it was "We the People" who were supposed to "fire" a candidate, simply by not voting for him. I guess I was wrong. The election is fixed after all.

Cyril's picture

Woa. I'm in awe

Dear spacehabitats,

Well... you nailed it.

This sarcasm and irony hurt he who can read and has guilt more than a point blank gun shot.

Would I have the money, I'd have this open letter printed on 18x12 feet panels I'd put all over the place in Cali. Immediately.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

This Brilliantly Stupid Video Needs to Be Savored...

* How about a laugh-track -- with especially big guffaws when Jack & Suzy talk about "respecting" Ron Paul while shortly thereafter characterizing him as a kook and a flake. This is a joke, right? But it isn't, which makes it all the funnier.

* Better yet, how about a revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000, with a running commentary on the absurd disjunction between what this mismatched pair think of Ron Paul vs. what they want you to think they think of Ron Paul. Jack & Suzy are presented to us as wise and discerning, while their actual posture is one of...shall we say, proctological self-contemplation.


* Perhaps this video could be used for instructional purposes. Put it out under the title "Condescension: Here's What to Look For".

* As for an apporopriate response? How about what General McAuliffe told the Germans when they demanded his surrender at Bastonge (and taken up by the CBS TV Series Jericho (R.I.P.))...


Nuts! Condescension: Here


From high up above, on mount Olympus, Zeus spins the world that mere mortals must revolve within. We'll see Jack... We'll see...


Here's how the GOP can show Ron Paul and his supporters respect and make us feel included:


gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

Ron Paul supporters are the most informed!

When I read posts by Ron Paul supporters, I'm stunned at how much research they've done. When I read posts from the other candidates supporters, I feel sorry for them and their candidates...Is it possible to love your family, love your country and still be so disarmingly clueless?

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."

Just like a jack booted thug!

Offer you everything and nothing out of the same fork tonged serpent mouth. We'll see who has the last laugh my friend. When you take your millions and lay them on the table trying to get that open heart surgery and the Obama-care death panel says sorry jack your too old. We have to pull the plug. It's not a matter of money we are managing the medical industry now and your not worth the surgery. Well at least then there will be 4 constitutionalists with the money to run for office and save this country. Be careful jack, God has a way of getting his way. He will use the money he has given you for his glory when he so chooses.

What a Wordsmith!

I just LOVE it when an erudite person hurls spitballs at our treasonous overlords!

What petulant condescending bile comes out of the mouths of these haughty vermin!

One day they will join their compadres in an even warmer place than Florida!

"Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom." Patrick Henry


An excellent open letter! Hope you will record it as a YouTube and make it go viral (we'll help!). See the links in my sig ... they line up with your thoughts exactly.

Thanks for this masterful job!

It sounds like you worked for GE at one time~~

EXCELLENT "putting them in their place" LETTER. I hope you send it & mark the "return address" ~~RON PAUL AMERICANS!


They just don't get it.. The Republican Party is ruined unless they back Dr. Paul and no one else. Does Jack Welch really think we can be won over by the party establishment? That we will compromise our beliefs? We aren't cattle that can just be herded to and fro, no matter how much lip service they may play to our ideas. We KNOW what we want! And that is something neither Obama, Gingrich, Santorum, nor Romney represent!

since i was such a loud mouth

when the original version was posted, i feel i should come back and be just as loud about the edited version.

excellent piece that should be copied and sent to every op-ed we can send it to.

bravo is an understatement.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

You Just Have To Laugh At These Two

This is the second such interview of Jack and Suzy, and they just keep digging a bigger hole for themselves.

So they're going to let us down easy. Imagine that! We don't work for these fools, and we certainly won't answer to them.

They will answer to us.

Let them answer to God ...

... be they Pitiful examples of Imperial Arrogance, we shall not judge. I'm for Dr. Paul and liberty!

Yes Jack, your fired!

That was the best letter I've read lately! Very well written! I would only like to add one sentence to the end: We American's are back to work, our united share holdings in our country are much bigger than yours now, so unfortunately for you Jack - "You're FIRED!"

Very disturbing

The guy is old enough and his wife is brainless enough to recognize publicly that there is no such thing as democracy. Democracy is about procedure and voting. Procedure with delegates does not sound great, but it certainly does not include hiring and firing of the republican candidates by the republican establishment.

Their sons are poor kids. Even they recognize that the world of their parents is over, and that they need to look into the future for themselves. It is partly encouraging story that kids know what is bad, but also discouraging because it says that the establishment will fight badly for their positions.

Campaigns should be free market

Why does this dip shit want to manage the makets

About General Electric

General Electric used to make nearly all its money from manufacturing. But not many Americans know that Jack Welch essentially turned GE into a finance company, with most of the profits being made in the credit markets. The result was that GE, like a bank, has a very highly leveraged balance sheet. We know what happens to such firms in a crash. Yup, after the 2007 crash GE had to be bailed out by TARP. If it hadn't it would have gone bankrupt.

See http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505123_162-35040201/general-elec...

So now you know the real reason why Welch wants Ron Paul to go away.

You've hit the nail on the head.

Thumbs up!

Ann in Florida



Not to mention.....

that all the products that used to be made here were very reasonably priced and were high quality. Now, their phones, microwaves and other appliances are rated at the bottom in just about all consumer ratings and instead of selling quality their website hawks extended warranties that they have a very bad record of honoring.

Dear SpaceHabitats c/o DailyPaul,

Thank you for writing such a fine letter to Jack the Welch. Recognition of his atrocious actions is important. I make it my way to avoid his nuclear weapon generators and other weapons of mass annihilation. Even he has no bean stock nor huge corporation to busy himself, he continues to causes harm to others. I hope that he get better soon. I will make no further comment on this mater.

I did seek to patent Nicola Tesla's Electrical Death Ray. My stated intention was to see to it that mean, vile men could not use such technology. Wrote to Mr Tesla myself. GE spirited away many of Tesla's inventions and directed them to destructive purpose. Tesla was crestfallen. Tesla saw such good in invention.

GE had other plans.

You have assembled the facts and presented them very well. My best regards,

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Go Ahead, fire Ron Paul

Go right ahead and fire Ron Paul. We will take our national following to a third party, and ruin what is left of the GOP.

So go right ahead, and fire what is holding the GOP together. It is becoming obvious that the neocon wing of the GOP has destroyed the limited government party. One could even make the argument that the neocon ideology has ruined the Democrat party as well.

"The economy's not a class you can master in college. To think otherwise is the pretense of knowledge."