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I sent a ron paul video to establishment republican friend. They replied that im no longer a republican.This is what I said

I'm a constitutional conservative. I believe in the original intent of the constitution,the bill of rights, which protects our rights given from god from the overreaching power of the federal government. I don't believe in nation building or fiat money, I believe in having the strongest national defense, I don't believe in a carbon tax(cap an trade) I don't believe in federal intervention in the States buisnesss. I'm for lower taxes and less goverment and spending. I believe every American has the god given right of life,liberty and the pursuit of happyness from the moment of conception till their death.I believe in the freedom of religion and that the government shall not interfere. I want to end the Fed, it is not constitutional. I believe in the 2nd amendment. I believe the government cannnot mandate anyone buy health insurance. I love God, the usa and my family. I respect and honour the Constitution of the united states. If you belive in the same things as I do there is only one canidate that stands for these core beliefs. That canidate is Ron Paul, he has been fighting for us for 30 years. Now he can use your help. Please join the fight to take our country back,our freedom back. Join Ron Paul!

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They want you out

because it is a lot harder to run 3rd party, get on ballots, get any MSM publicity, etc. The Republicrats have a lock on the process, basically say if you disagree with our official platforms and paradigms then you are "fringe" and can get out of our way. They LOVE running the country with the backing of 35% (probably less) of the people. The more folks "tune out" and give up the faster they can ratchet up the tyranny.
Note that the Change Agents did not flinch from joining institutions like the GOP (WFBuckley was CIA, his magazine a tool of change agentry and redefining "conservatism" as this big government Neocon mess, Ms Magazine, the feminist "flagship" was also CIA) and changing their philosophies to this leftist big government worldview. When the talking heads keep emphasizing "mainstream Republicans" it is because they have drug the "mainstream" nearly as left as the Dems, which is why we get RINOs getting all this MSM attention and no other options "on the table". Ron Paul is trying to reverse the dialectic spiral and they don't like it. They'll even openly talk about Ron Paul wanting to roll back all their hard won "freedoms", etc. This is psy-ops on the American people. We are under attack and have been for a while.

"I didn't leave the Republican Party -

the Republican Party left me."

Taking a new twist on an old Reagan saying.

I am a traditional

I am a traditional republican.. The party left their principles a long time ago

And ask him why they turned the stars upside down on their logo?

No longer Republican?

COOOOOL!!!!! What a nice compliment from your pal...the Republicans suck ass as badly as the Dems... Your friend is, sadly, stuck in the "party" mind-set. Yet it was just 50 years ago or so that the people voted in Republicans to end the wars started by the Democrats...now we're supposedly 180* different? There is NO DIFFERENCE between parties, and NOW is the time to man-up and vote for an idea, a person and for what's right...not just a party.
If your family only drove Fords back to your grandparents, would you only consider a Ford? Why not look for the best vehicle to fit your current situation? Amerika's situation calls for the ouster of the status quo and the return to personal liberty.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

I think you nailed it

I think you nailed the message completely. You spoke to each point of contention with a direct assault upon the illusions they are chasing after. I don't know if you included the typos and spelling problems out of disrespect for your target audience or because of personal weakness in those areas, but I suspect the former. Your message is on target and will make a person with integrity question his own position.

I think it pays to speak to people as if they have some level of integrity until they demonstrate there is no integrity in their character. In stating your positive reasons for supporting Ron Paul, you give the right message to another person. Likely as not, his conscience already convicts him of the lack of integrity of the media illusions seeking to strip him of the power of his vote.

But, having the backup information available is also necessary because if I had not been watching Ron Paul videos I wouldn't have any reason to believe Rick Santorium was not a good candidate. I started checking after Ron Paulies filtered the information to me. I still have no way of knowing if the information they filtered to me is accurate or just the same kind of illusion the MSM uses only for RP instead of Romney, Gingrich and Santorum.

I know, I know, I could go somewhere on some government sight and discover the voting records, but even then, I would still be dependent upon some pundit's analysis of the import of the legislation being voted upon. When I say Ron Paul is the only one we can trust, I mean we can trust him to do the same thing he's been doing for the last thirty years. That is more than we can trust anyone else to do.

I would've been more of an ass and tried the other approach...

You're right, I'm not a republican. IF being a republican means I have to vote for someone who supported healthcare mandates. Or someone who was for cap and trade. Or someone who thinks it's ok to take away my right to a fair trial. Or someone who cozies up to Nancy Pelosi on the couch while extolling the values of fighting "global warming". I'm not a republican if it means increased spending domestically and abroad, or increased taxes to fund said spending.

I'm for the guy who has never voted for a tax increase, or an unbalanced budget, or a restriction on my right to own a gun. I'm for the guy who will protect my rights guaranteed to me by the U.S. Constitution. The man who supports a non-interventionist foreign policy and avoiding entangling alliances. I'm for the man who is for liberty, both economic liberty and personal liberty.

I'm for the man with the same platform that Ronald Reagan ran on... and Robert Taft... and Barry Goldwater. I don't care if YOU call it republican or not... that's who I'm voting for.

Maybe it is really YOU who is not a republican.

No longer a Republican?

No longer a Republican? So are you telling me Republicans do not want my vote? Or no longer want my vote?

You're not a Republican you're a independent/libertarian/constitutionalist or something that has been declared to be "not Republican".

Ok man if you say so. But I'm still supporting Ron Paul for President and if Republicans want my vote in the fall they will support him for the nomination. That's all I'm saying there Mr. Republican "I'm the decider" Guy.


I don't see how they can change your party affiliation. You should check with your local county clerk and recorder to confirm your voting status.

It is true though...

We do not belong to the same party as establishment Republicans. Many are Democrats in disguise and it would really be better for the party and the country if we could displace all the permanent war, big government Republicans to the Democratic party and have an actual competition of ideas between the major parties for once.

Titles like "libertarian,"

Titles like "libertarian," "constitutional conservative" and "republican" are different only because of the words used for all practical purposes.

If one looks at the original GOP platform and compares it to the LP platform the philosophy is the same. Probably also the same with the CP platform though I haven't made that comparision.

I believe if the GOP stayed the party it originally was the LP would never have come into existence.

Your friend whether they realize it or not is not a republican, they're a neocon, so they might as well be a democrat as there is no difference.


And then "libertarian" was co-opted by the "Beltway Libertarians", the "sophisticated" and "metrosexual" CATO and REASON crowd who are A-OK with all kinds of big gov't crap, basically dragging the "mainstream" libertarian party left. Running Bob Barr as Libertarian nominee (wth??!)??? And of course these are the "Libertarians" the MSM has annointed as mouthpieces for libertarianism boxing in the dialogue to exclude real liberty.

What big gov stuff are you

What big gov stuff are you referring to?

I have no beef with CATO, specifically Boaz. It seems other CATO VPs don't see much camera time.

The Reason people seem to be a mixed group.

As for Bob Barr, I know where you're coming from but let's be fair. If Ruwart won the nomination the end result would have been no different.

CATO is funded

by the Neocon Koch bros. They are against a free market in pharmaceuticals for one thing.They are pro-Federal Reserve for another:

Goldwater conservatives

If one looks at the original GOP platform and compares it to the LP platform the philosophy is the same. Probably also the same with the CP platform though I haven't made that comparision.

I believe if the GOP stayed the party it originally was the LP would never have come into existence.

Where do you think all of the Goldwater conservatives in the Republican party disappeared to?

You're correct. Terms such as "libertarian" and "strict constitutionalists" are not new lingo in the GOP. Back when the Republican party was a newborn party "abolishionists" was a bad word in terms of 19th century political correctness.

Stand and speak truth - even when it is unpopular to do - ism. That's what it is, whatever you want to call it.

Sorta reminds me of my response to a pseudo-Chritian I know.

He said, "The New Testament is the story of a King. It has nothing to do with you" to which I responded, then WHY should I care about your freakin' Jesus?

I had another psuedo-Christian tell me the same thing in 2008 about John McCain and my response was pretty much the same.

I recently read an actual death threat against Ron Paul if Dr. Paul ran third party. I responded, "Respect cuts both ways. So does death. This can end well for the GOP or it can end badly, but it most assuredly will end."


This I think would be the best answer to these warmongering BIG government people...

Establishment GOP is NOT our "prime target!"

I know itis tough, but it is DISILLUSIONED DEMOCRATS that are ripe to hear him. Got to break down some walls, no denying it. But "the faithful" see him as a threat to their faith! The undecided voters and the not strongly committed, go for them. If they KNOW who they are voting for, don't waste a brochure on them!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

libertarian Democrats are in demand

I think there is a large segment of Democrat voters who are wishing there were more fiscally responsible - civil libertarian - rule of law, politicians in their party.


Establishment Republicans are the ones nominating their candidate. Democrats and independents are only allowed in open primaries/caucuses. Beyond those, it's up to the establishment GOP. So, let's not count out reaching them. Without them, there is no nomination.

" I believe every American

" I believe every American has the god given right..."

If rights are from God and are inherent, then they belong to every person, not just every "American". As soon as you extend the logic that far, non-intervention makes all the sense in the world.


The Declaration of Independence says...

"All MEN are created equal and are endowed by their Creator certain inalienable rights..."

Not all Americans.

This is why the people who scream that terrorists have no rights under our Constitution and should be tried via a military tribunal are WRONG.

Dispite the word "if" at the

Dispite the word "if" at the begining of your statement, I am appalled at the point that your quote has not recieved the MOST bumps up for the day. I feel that if ever the D.P. had a quote for the day/year, yours should be in first place. My opinion, as you can see, goes far here. LOL.

The 5000 Year leap (Principles of Freedom 101) by W. Cleon Skousen......a must read for all here...

good point

Everyone in this country should be subject to the same laws as "we the people," including congressmen and presidents. Everyone, whether American or Foreign, should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, if these are truly 'God-given.' Tyrants think otherwise.

Ruling by prayer

Like Azimov's..

...0th Law.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

Forward them a copy of the Republican platform.

They might be shocked to find out THEY are the ones acting or thinking not so "republican."

Thats excellent!

I think that changing the conversation from what your against toward what your for is a much more productive stance.

You should fill out the form at whatareyou4.com seems like you've got the right idea already.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Persistance is Omnipotent

I just wanted to share that yesterday, I FINALLY won over Mike, one of my oldest freinds, Viet Nam vet, commie hater, neo-con, Rush Limbaugh lovin' die hard Republican.

The only argument I have EVER had with him in over 30 years, was in '07 about Ron Paul. When I told him that I felt the founding fathers would be disappointed in him for not supporting Ron Paul. He was livid with me for months.

I let it all go until last year. Then every once in a while I would send him articles about Ron Paul or issues proving RP was right with his predictions or articles about the growth of the police state and the loses to our civil liberties. (Mike's on dial up still so can't stream videos, which made this more challenging!)

Two months ago I went out to breakfast with him and another mutual old friend, Marc, from back in the day. I wore my RP gear and handed him a super brochure and did not say another word about Ron Paul. We actaully discussed the CSPOA and our local sheriff. He commented that I was gonna make a radical out of him yet!

I had not heard from him since, but, Marc (who I converted 6 months ago) has been having breakfast with him every Friday and gently working him. Marc kept it simple by continually bringing the conversation back to the constitution and asking Mike, who, of the candidates, is talking about that?If it is important to you, then there is only one candidate!

Well, yesterday afternoon, Marc came by to CROW that Mike was finally ours! Marc had finally worn him down by continually hammering the constitution. Mike said, you got me, now I need to work on my son...!!(Now there's a twist!)

So, persistance is omnipotent because Liberty is contageous, some just have a tougher immune system then others!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Very well said it is those

Very well said it is those that have been elected to congress and the presidents and those voting for these scoundrels that have betrayed the the written document known as this Constitution for the United States of America. These people do not support this Constitution. It really isn't about playing the party line now it is about finding willing people to support "this Constitution"

You know what I want to do? I want to copy your message

and then go to my email and send it out to people whom my wife and I know. Only I would like to make your words, as they are, my words. We love what you wrote and believe 'cause we are one with you now. Wow, what a good job on that message. You are goodly appreciated and loved.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate


GOOD JOB 195er!