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Someone talented, please re-make this graphic/cartoon for the election!

Hi all. I think this cartoon, if it counts as one, was very effective last time.


And I still use it to illustrate that election's Ron Paul donor base. I suspect this time's cartoonist would replace "ACT BLUE" on Edwards with Newt's Vegas billionaire with the same hilarious need to reduce size for readability. :) Anyway, if such a graphic or cartoon exists, please point me toward it, and if not, one of you talented folks can surely make something really cool and pretty funny along these lines, IMO. Thanks in advance!

Oh, and one more thing. I'm SO glad the RP campaign is spending $0.00 in Florida. Our news media is a sea of biased corruption who don't deserve a red cent, and our own moronic Republican party establishment is unable to follow their own primary rules even when our state gets to host the convention. Let the others waste money here, and spent campaign funds in states like Maine and Virginia where we can get delegates! Go Ron Paul!!!