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A Nuclear Option

Let us assume Ron Paul does not attain the Republican Nomination. I still think it is possible, but should that not happen there will need to be some serious blowback.

Things we can and should do day 1 after we know the nominee is not him:

1) Money Bomb for the third parties.

2) Money Bomb for the third party nominee(s)

3) Focus on congressional election districts and getting third party nominees into office. (unless a republican or democrat clearly stands apart from the rest)

It would be wasteful to let this amazing organizational prowess be diminished because of a minor setback of Ron Paul not getting the nomination. "Elections are short term efforts, R3VOLutions are long term projects"

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If Ron doesn't get the nomination

then I vote against Obama. The liberal democrats have destroyed this country. The GOP was just stupid for compromising with the Democrats who always seem to get what they want. I will vote for whomever has the best chance to beat Obama and the Democrats. Even if it is Santorum in the end.

And even though the GOP has been overrun by neocons the fact of the matter is that the principles of the GOP still outweigh and trump the socialist agenda of the Democrats.

You liberal hacks voted Obama in in the first place and now you want everyone to help secure another pinko liberal win in case Paul doesn't get it. Anyone who says they will vote for Obama cannot say they truly support Paul. Paul would NEVER vote for that bastard.

Oh, blah blah blah the parties are the same blah blah blah. Tell that to someone else cause I'm old enough to know better. Ask Paul why he doesn't run as a Democrat if there is no difference.

Whatever we do, we need to stick together

I get the feeling the Republicans are like King Henry II screaming from the palace "will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?" I am sure the insiders are now looking at the 2014 midterms. They figure if Obama gets reelected and the economy tanks, they get to pick up governorships, Senate and house seats, then they inherit the feds checkbook. I don't think so! We may be treated like the red haired bastard child that shows up for the reading of the will, but I for one think we should stick together and take our direction from Dr Paul. Our only strength is our unity, so I am willing to let Dr Paul call this one.

We either hang together or most assuredly we will hang separately.

Is Obama the real nuclear option?

I am in the same boat as many RP supporters. If he does not get the nomination and does not go third party (A very small chance). Who do I vote for? I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils...so maybe I will vote for the greater of two evils...now that would be the real nuclear option ...OBAMA! At least this would be the nuclear option as far as Carl Rove is concerned, but anyone who thinks there is a difference between Barack And Mitt watches too much TV.

If Obama gets a second term the country will be on life support if not destroyed by then.

The benefits would be:

No incumbent to run against
Another failure of the establishment candidate
If the country is in worse shape A demand for "real"change
Our grassroots coalition will be active on the presidential choice in 4 instead of 8 years
Perhaps the death of the neocon agenda and hopefully not having to see Bill Crystal

With cancer sometimes they bring the patient close to death to destroy the cancer, perhaps this is the only option we have to save our country


Money Talks or Ron Paul Walks

The Country Will Be On Life Supprt

If ANYONE but Ron Paul wins. Voting for the Republican nominee, unless it is Ron Paul, helps send them the message that they have us in their pockets regardless of what they do.

Whom to vote for? How about Ron Paul (write-in), Gary Johnson, Chuck Baldwin.

Not all three though; that would be voter fraud.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

You make some very good

You make some very good points. It would be very tough choice and I cringe at the thought.

Since Romney and Obama are virtually the same, does it make a difference? Maybe if you consider that in order for Ron or more likely Rand to make a run for WH in 2016, we can't have an incumbent republican president. I just don't see a 3rd party working.