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Let's create a PLEDGE to WRITE-IN Ron Paul if he doesn't get the nomination.

I believe if we want to strengthen our position we should all pledge to vote ONLY for Ron Paul. I'm open to counter arguments to this, but I feel like this would force the oppositions hand a little more. I don't have the knowledge or wherewithal to actually create one, but if anyone out there does and feels this is a good idea, please: let's do this! I believe that if we can achieve a high enough number, we'll better be able to make changes in the political landscape.

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As a practical matter...

How do you effect a write-in on a Diebold machine?

Plano TX

The ballot has a "Write In" button

when you click it, a screen appears where you can type someone's name in.

Not all voting machines have this option. If they don't, use a knife to carve "RON PAUL" in the diebold screen.