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New Name to describe the mainstream media, (BANKSTER MEDIA)

I have been listening to Alex Jones over the past few days, ("yes, I love listen to Alex Jones,") and he has been looking for a phrase or word to describe the main stream media, so this is what I came up with.

Are you ready, who do the American people despise right now for stealing their wealth?

Stay with me, and who has bought off these very same people who are trying to destroy Dr. Ron Paul? You know the ones I am talking about, CNN,NBC,FOX,MSNBC,ABC,CBS,
and the rest. The Banksters, so why not take and call them what they are, the Bankster Media.

These two words describe what we have been looking for to describe what used to be the MSM. Not anymore. They shall from this moment on, be called the Bankster Media.

Example, you call Shanity and he goes on about something and you say to him, "Shawn, you people in the Bankster Media can not be trusted," or you do an interview and someone in the Bankster Media ask you a question so you say, " The Bankster Media does not want Dr. Paul to get his message out."

I think this is the best phrase to describe the media that has been bought and paid for by these very Banksters. Place them in the camp with these Banks who have stolen America's wealth and it is my belief that they will not ever recover from this connection to their bosses.

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"Bankster Media" is PERFECT !

It says it all. It says gangster, banker, dishonest, immoral, manipulating, lying, cheating big money elite strangling what is good and right and true to keep their War/corporate/taxing slave machine running this once free nation right into the mud.

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

I prefer "corporate media"

It reminds you who is really pulling the strings.

i like...


Getting closer....

Try Ganster media

You really think a bunch of banking execs are running the world? This violent world?

Think Godfather, think Al Copone, better yet, think Rockafeller, think Rothschild, etc.

The banks are merely a department within the ruling class.

Today, banks primary business is to offer debt to people. And we can say no to them. Thus, "banks" isn't the right term. It is just convenient since it is something solid to point at.

Meanwhile, the Fed hits us with inflation tax. The government hits us with income and sales tax.

The people can NOT say no to that. Research those orgs to see who is in charge.

Perhaps "Bankers' Media"

Perhaps "Bankers' Media", "Banker-owned Media", or "Banker-controlled Media" would convey the same point without have having any "conspiratorial" overtones that could be called "fringe".